Why 2022 Is The Year For Women In Tech

By Women Love Tech
on 10 February 2022

As we celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science today Kara Smith, Managing Director of Talent Auckland and Bianca Jones, Managing Director of Talent Wellington share their recent tech industry insights.

The new year is here, bringing a heap of possibilities, especially for women who are wanting to enter the tech world. With role models such as Melanie Perkins Co-founder and CEO of Canva, Angela Lam CIO of Shell Australia, and Rebecca Chenery who won CIO of the year in NZ, the future is bright.

Here at Talent, we help businesses build top tech teams, and therefore, know first-hand what top companies and leaders are doing to help attract women through their doors. Last year, we hosted a women in tech event as we wanted to delve deeper into the challenges women were facing and what needed to change. Off the back of this, we released a research report ‘Women in Tech: Are we there yet?’ which we shared with businesses that we work with globally, to encourage them to make a tangible change for women in their organisations.

So, what does 2022 have in store for the tech market, and more specifically women in the tech market? Let’s delve into it.

It’s About More Than Money

Salaries are on the rise – big time! In the last year alone, we have seen increases in both contract and permanent rates of between 20-30%. With the industry growing at an exponential rate, tech talent is hard to come by. Mix that with border closures and you have got yourself an industry where candidates are calling the shots.

Not only that, but the rewards of creating an inclusive workplace are stacking up. According to Diversity Council Australia’s Inclusive @Work Index report, workers in inclusive teams are 11 times more likely to be highly effective than those in non-inclusive teams and 4 times less likely to feel work has a negative or very negative impact on their mental health.

It’s not just about money though. Flexibility, benefits, and parental leave are among a stack of offerings businesses are using to get tech candidates through the door. With flex work now entirely normal, any pre-conceived negative biases around women requiring flexibility for families is diminished (think, school picks up and drop offs etc). The proof is in the pudding that you don’t need to be in an office working 9-5 to get the job done, and tech companies are recognising this. With the short talent pool, more organisations are embracing working mothers and with this they are needing to rethink how they engage and retain this workforce, leading to a more inclusive workplace.

Our Seat At The Table

The tech market is an exciting place to be for women who are wanting to join or are looking to go down an entrepreneurial path. Currently, only one in five of NZs high growth start-ups have one woman in their founding team.

Working to change this, are organisations such as The Ministry of Awesome, which are supporting an increase in the number of women start-ups in NZ. From our experiences in the tech sector and working with global clients, we know first-hand that it’s crucial to have diversity to innovate. Women need to have a seat at the table otherwise an organisation risks missing the mark when creating, designing and marketing their product/s. We all know that women in tech are bringing new perspectives and new ways of thinking. Plus, we are also exceptional problem solvers if we do say so ourselves!  

Women in Tech

Key Takeaways

At the start of the month, we released our More Than Money Salary Guide for the tech industry. From that we shared industry insights and fast facts surrounding the benefits, perks, and salaries that are ruling the current market, to really showcase why there’s no better time to be joining the tech industry.

Key findings include:

  • Globally on average, counteroffers for tech roles are up 20-30%
  • Candidates have 2-3 opportunities on the go
  • Tech salaries are increasing 15-30% on average globally
  • The ability to work from home is a non-negotiable for most candidates

Demand remains high for the following skills:

  • Data analytics
  • Software development
  • Business analysis
  • Cloud engineering and architecture
  • Cyber security

Industries that are thriving include:

  • Information Technology & Services
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Financial Services
  • Computer Software
  • Government Administration

If you’re a woman looking to make that leap into tech, now is your chance. With candidates in the driver’s seat, you’ll be in high demand – especially if you possess skills in data analytics, programming, and cybersecurity. On the other hand, if you’re a company looking to hire, you really want to make sure you’re considering diversity and inclusion at each stage of the hiring process, and above that, making sure it’s an integral part of your culture. This is key to building an inclusive workplace which presents a multitude of benefits.

With diversity and inclusion on top of the priority list and with more women entering the tech space at a rapid pace, now is the time to take a leap of faith.

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