Women-led Org To Build $1 Billion Dollar Fund For Female Founders

Women Love Tech
on 25 October 2017

Putting up a company or businesses in this modern day is a lot easier compared to a long time ago. Most organizations use micro financing to support budding entrepreneurs, thus, crowdfunding platforms are born.

However, most of these crowdfunding platforms support and funded individual ideas. But one group of investors thinks both techniques could help elevate another overlooked group: female founders.

SheEO, a group investing platform is a global women-led community that radically transforms how to finance, support and celebrate female innovators.

Women Funding Women Entrepreneurs

What started as whispered words in the air has now become a reality; women funding women entrepreneurs. Gone are those days wherein budding female-led startups have a hard time seeking investors and are left out of the boom.

SheEO is connecting crowdfunding with micro financing to back 5 female startup entrepreneurs a year. An organization committed to supporting women-led ventures that are revenue generating and building a better world.

Vicki Saunders, SheEO founder said, “I want to put my capital into female innovators who are strengthening our communities.”

In 2017, SheEO has built 15 portfolios and have invested $1.5 million to women-ventured companies. The organization has 500 recruits of women per year who contributes $1,100 each or $550,000 total to an investing fund.

The money is pooled together to be loaned by female founders at zero percent interest. The next year, another 500 women will contribute $1,100 again. When these companies pay back their loans within 5 years, the funds continues to grow.

An Act of Radical Generosity

Aside from funding women-led business or companies, these SheEO investors also provide their expertise, connections and marketing support. “It’s an act of radical generosity,” said Vicki Saunders. She envisioned to reach 1 million investors, 10,000 women-led ventures and create a $1 billion perpetual fund by 2026.

SheEOs women activators (investors) are more interested in providing financing to fund-deprived companies that are profitable and with goals that are sensible. These women who signed up to become activators are corporate executives, women in politics and women entrepreneurs. The youngest investor is 14 and the oldest is 92.


Currently, there are over 150 ventures from all over the world in just two short years since SheEO launched.

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