Madam Wheels – Helping Women Buy the Luxury Car of their Dreams

Women Love Tech
on 28 August 2018

THEY say cars are toys for boys. Not anymore.

Women are the driving force behind more than 80 per cent of car purchases in Australia, and they’re increasingly buying them in their own right. But it’s a shame the car-buying experience for most of them is often less than optimal.

This disparity has given rise to a business designed to help women experience fast and fabulous cars on their terms. Madam Wheels is a first-of-its-kind, customised service for women with a passion for luxury cars. It gets them into the sexiest and most fabulous cars around so they can discover what suits their personality, lifestyle, and sensibilities before they spend the big bucks.

Madam Wheels’ Founder, Jacquie Hayes, has been a long-time lover of luxury cars and has written about them for many years. She founded Madam Wheels off the back of her years as a columnist at the Australian Financial Review where the imbalance between what women want and what they get in their car-buying experiences became apparent.

Madam Wheels

“I love luxury cars and know many other women do, too,” Jacquie says. “But they rarely get the chance to experience them properly because they’re reluctant to return to the car showroom where, in the past, they may have been patronised or treated with intimidation or aggression.”

Madam Wheels aims to put the power and fun back into women’s hands when they’re dealing with cars, whether they’re ready to buy or are just shopping around. Those in the market for a car will find tips and tricks on how to negotiate the best possible deal on the Madam Wheels website, which also offers smart and entertaining news, reviews and interviews about the latest high-end cars.

Exclusive Madam Wheels’ ladies-only Drive Experiences allow participants to step out of their lives and join like-minded women for a glamorous weekend of champagne, fine dining and, of course, an incredible driving experience through spectacular scenery in exotic cars.

Everything is taken care of. All guests need to do is turn up. And enjoy!

Madam Wheels is run by a woman, for women. After all, we’re the one’s in the drivers’ seat.

For more information about purchasing a high-end car, or to attend a Drive Experience event, go to

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