5 Ways Digital Collaboration Improves Workflow In And Out Of The Office

Sophia Smith
on 23 September 2023

Modern businesses rely heavily on digital technologies to push various processes and departments forward, and maintain productivity while increasingly efficiency and output. In fact, it’s safe to say that technology has become one of the foundational pillars of success in the modern business world, simply because of the many ways women leaders can use it to achieve their goals in a timely manner. One of the key reasons why you would want to embrace digital transformation in your business is, in fact, to improve collaboration and thus improve workflow across the board, not just in a single department.

After all, facilitating collaboration in and out of the workplace through technology is a surefire way to build a productive digital work environment where everyone will know exactly what their job entails, whom to communicate with, and how to work with their colleagues to achieve better results. With all of that in mind, let’s break down the five key ways digital collaboration can improve workflow in your company. 

Keep information in a centralized location

Finding the right piece of information when you need it can be a big chore, and the more work you have flowing thorough your departments and your company as a whole, the higher the chances that information is going to get lost. Worse yet, people can have a difficult time figuring out where a certain piece of information is supposed to go, which is why you need a good project management tool at your side that will allow everyone to work on a centralized digital platform.

Modern project management tools come with numerous handy features that allow you to delegate with ease, organize every task and assign team members from different departments, and most importantly, enforce a strict communication and collaboration hierarchy that will ensure everything is properly logged. This will significantly boost productivity and help unify your employee collective.

Create a thriving digital office

A major reason why women leaders are choosing to integrate tech tools in their work environment is so they can create and manage a digital office with ease. Running a digital workplace is not an easy task, even when you have so many communication tools at your disposal, including email, Slack, and direct messaging. This is because people are increasingly working from home, either because they are forced to in order to honor social distancing rules, or because they are remote freelancers and digital nomads.

While there is no denying that remote work has many benefits for a modern company, managing teams of employees, some of which are at the office while others are halfway across the world is a difficult task. This is why integrating team management tools is such an important step nowadays, because these specialized apps allow your employees to work together in a centralized location while you get a comprehensive overview of your entire employee collective. In turn, you’re able to make better decisions, and be the leader that your employees need.

VoIP systems enable working on the go

Having a phone system in your office space is instrumental for collaboration and maintaining productivity, however, every experienced leader will tell you that installing and running a phone infrastructure is costly and inefficient in the modern digital workplace. Simply put, traditional phones not only lack the functionality of digital tools, but the call charges can be substantial if you’re not careful. Add to that, many people are working on the go nowadays, so you need a more contemporary system like VoIP instead.

Leading VoIP providers offer various perks to their clients, and the innovative Nextiva phone system even offers full mobile and desktop app integration to allow employees to communicate and collaborate seamlessly no matter if they are in the office, running to meetings across town, or if they’re working from abroad. Combined with lower charges and numerous functionalities like text-to-speech, video, chat, and 25/7 support, VoIP systems are perfect for companies that want to minimize expenses while elevating efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Enabling cross-department collaboration

Speaking of efficiency and productivity, you can’t expect to unlock the full potential of your workforce if you still have organizational silos in your company. Essentially, silos are teams and departments that don’t have much contact or communication with other departments, which is why you will often find that these teams are performing worse than their peers from other sectors. Technology aims to deconstruct these silos and encourage people from different departments to collaborate on various projects and achieve common goals.

Building a positive company culture

Last but not least, always keep in mind that technology is a powerful tool for building a successful company culture, especially when you’re running a digital workplace. When you have people joining in from around the world in a digital environment, it’s important that you have the right communication and collaboration tools at your disposal in order to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency, equality, and mutual trust in the workplace. This will help create a positive culture that will inspire your employees to achieve more while streamlining workflow.

Wrapping up

Digital transformation should be one of your top priorities if your goal is to take your company forward as a whole. With these tips and solutions in mind, you should have no problem improving collaboration and workflow while building a company culture that thrives.

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