5 Ways Upskilling Keeps You on Top of Trends and Builds Your Career

Sophia Smith
on 26 January 2021

In the competitive job market we’re in today, it can be very difficult to advance your career, or successfully alter your career path. When you also take into account that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty and instability to the business world, you might feel reluctant to make any move that might jeopardise your financial and job security. However, it’s also important that you as a growth-oriented professional always keep seeking opportunities for advancement.

From using Twitter to advance your career along with other social media and digital tools, all the way to upskilling so that you can capitalise on the new trends, there are many opportunities you should explore. Today, we are taking a look at how upskilling can move your career forward in the new normal, and why it is essential for keeping up with the latest trends and opportunities in your fields of interest. 

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The first and most obvious reason why you need to upskill is so that you can build your competitive advantage for the trends in the near future. You see, it’s not just about being competitive as an employee or a business leader right now, it’s about ensuring your relevance in the business world five, ten years from now. Everyone will be upskilling when the new trends hit the job market, but what you want to do is conduct preliminary research, and find out about these trends before the majority of your peers.

Luckily, there are many authoritative online platforms that specialise in forecasting and creating data-driven predictions on the upcoming business and career trends. You can look towards reputable business portals in your industry and other industries you’re interested to start preparing for the new trends right now. Needless to say, doing this now will open up numerous doors for better employment almost immediately, because employers love candidates with a skillset for the future.

Stay marketable and relevant to employers

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It should go without saying that continuously developing your skillset is one of the best ways to ensure your marketability and relevance in the eyes of employers. It can be extremely difficult to make your resume and yourself stand out when you have the same things to offer as every other applicant. Sure, you might have everything that the job description asks for, but so do many other candidates, which means that you need a way to stand out instantly and overcome certain career challenges like finding a new job.

There are numerous ways you can achieve this, and they all involve developing your skills to create a more appealing personal brand. You can acquire new technical skills to bring more value to the company, you can be innovative and creative to open new opportunities for brands, and you can work on your soft and inter-personal skills to be a colleague and employee everyone will want to be around. All of these skills will put you on the radar and give you an edge.

Change your career path more easily

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Without a doubt, certain career paths have become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, and some have become more in-demand than others. One of these is the continuous demand for healthcare professionals who will aid the fight against the pandemic and help keep their communities and loved ones safe. 

Now that we know that many COVID patients can suffer from severe cardiac and respiratory conditions, it’s important to get the training necessary to save someone’s life if need be. Fortunately, getting ACLS certification online is easy nowadays as there are comprehensive digital programs you can use to enter the medical profession or simply become more prepared for COVID emergencies. Either way, upskilling through online certifications and training allows you to advance in your field or change industries completely.

Venture into male-dominant industries

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The ugly truth is that some industries are more male-dominant than others, and the only way you can right this wrong is by obtaining the skills necessary to show the world that you have what it takes to succeed in that niche. For example, continuous education and upskilling might just be the solution we need to encourage women to pursue a career in cybersecurity, which is one of the most male-dominant fields in the modern business world. 

Take advantage of corporate advancement programs

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Finally, keep in mind that many companies are now investing in employee development programs aimed at improving your skillset so that you can bring more value to the business. It’s a win-win situation, so if your company is offering any advancement programs, be sure to apply in order to gain a new skill, enrich your resume, and climb the hierarchical ladder faster.

Wrapping up

These might be challenging times, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be trying to move your career forward. Use these tips to stay ahead of the game at all times and pave the road to success in the new normal.

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