8 Free Salad Apps You Need To Know Right Now

By Frederique Bros
on 30 December 2020

I don’t need to tell you how important eating fresh fruits and vegetables everyday is the best choice for your body and mind. You already know that. But maybe you are like me, lacking of creativity in the kitchen. I love eating healthy salads but I always make the same recipe. Very boring indeed. I want to lose 3 kilos, and eat healthy food that’s quick and easy to prepare. Sounds like a plan? I did some research on Apple Apps Store and Google Play, and for you I’ve selected the best 8 FREE salads apps – all those apps have been around for a while and they have the most reviews and positive comments, so here it goes. Funnily enough some even have almost the same name….


Salad Recipes! – Free – Android

Salad Recipes app offers you many healthy and quick recipes. These include keto salad recipes, salad dressing recipes, chicken salad recipes, potato salad recipes, weight loss salad recipes.

Salad Recipes – Free – Apple

4000+ Salad recipes. Get delicious healthy and easy salad recipes like vegetable salads, pasta salad, fruit salad and more.

Best Salad Cookbook – Free – Android

Plenty of free salad recipes on offer: pasta salad recipes, meat and fish salad recipes, vegetable salad recipes, fruit salad recipes, potato salad recipes, tuna salad recipes, chicken salad recipes, easy salad recipes, mushroom salad recipes, macaroni salad recipes, egg salad recipes and other tasty salad recipes.

Garden Plate – Free – Apple

Tons of tasty clean and green vegetarian recipes at your fingertip! Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, or just looking for healthy and tasty green dishes, this app is perfect for you. Browse beautiful pictures of delicious food and make the dish yourself using our recipe instructions on either iPhone or iPad.

Fruit Salads Recipes – Free – Android

Fruit salad could be a dish consisting of assorted varieties of fruit, generally served during a liquid, either in their own juices or a sweetener. When served as associate course or as a course, a salad is usually called a cocktail or fruit cup. In several forms salad may be served as associate course, a side salad, or a course.

Just Salad – Free – Apple

Salads can be viewed on this app. Just Salad is a shop that allows you to easily get your greens from your this salad shop!

Salad Recipes Free – Free – Android

There are salad maker for making very different and tasty salad recipe. In food network and all recipes there are many salad recipes. There are special cutting of vegetables for salads like salad fingers. Salad are fast foods or comes under easy recipes.

500+ Best Salads Free – Free – Apple

Have more than 500 Salads Recipe! You can favourite any salad Recipe as you like, share it with facebook/twitter!

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Do you know more free salads apps? If so, please share it in comments.

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