All Signs Point to Entertainment as the B2B Trend For 2022

By Abbie White
on 19 January 2022

There are a lot of B2C learnings that we can borrow from in 2022, and the trend we’re seeing the most is the move towards entertainment. While this form of marketing content has traditionally been reserved for B2C, we’re seeing more and more B2B companies adopting this strategy to drive marketing ROI.

Here are my top 4 strategies to ensure your B2B content achieves marketing ROI in 2022

1. Get on-board with on-demand

Who isn’t hooked by on-demand content from platforms like Netflix and Stan?

B2B corporate Salesforce recently announced a new streaming service,

Salesforce+, which will deliver “compelling live and on-demand content” for businesses. While you don’t need to create a whole new streaming platform, you can leverage your social accounts to make original content easily accessible and well organised.

2. Ditch perfectionism

We know that there’s a voracious appetite for unpolished TikTok videos, reality TV, and YouTube clips – so why would we treat B2B audiences any different?

Google’s Unskippable Labs experimented with three L’Oreal video ads. They found that the most unpolished ad (which looked like the person had recorded it themselves on their phone) had the highest recall with their youngest demographic.

Julie Masters, a global expert in Influence, explained in our recent podcast that we all want “grippingly human” content. So, let’s start embracing imperfection and produce content in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible.

TikTok, beauty
TikTok beauty video

3. Leverage user-generated content (USG)

Another B2C trend that will continue crossing over to B2B in 2022 is the prominence of user-generated content. It used to be said that “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will tell it

for you,” but is that such a bad thing? Not anymore! Let user-generated content tell your business’s story. Ultimately, over 80% of consumer purchase decisions are influenced by

their peer’s social media posts.

4. Increase relevancy

Content is the most compelling when it’s incredibly timely and relevant, so it’s time to get to work on knowing your audience’s most significant concerns and challenges. From this vantage point, you can develop valuable, memorable content because it speaks to the burning hot issues of the day.

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