Best Ever Female-led Podcasts to Tune Into

Alice Duthie
on 15 July 2022

Podcasting helps shine a light on underrepresented voices, particularly women. With only 22% of women hosting podcasts in 2018, female-led content continues to strengthen and grow but it is far from an even split between men and women.

Left Right Out is among the newest Spotify Exclusive podcast hosted by Shameless podcast researcher and journalist Justine Landis-Hanley, and podcast producer/journalist Elfy Scott. 

But we need more female podcasters.

Spotify US recently announced the latest edition of the Sound Up program, continuing to support the voices of underrepresented podcasters providing them with the tools to boost their platforms and build their very own shows. After the ongoing success of previous editions, the latest immersive training program will aim to uplift and amplify the next generation of diverse storytellers in the family podcast space. 

The Sound Up US: Kids & Family 2022 application is now live and can be found HERE. Among the highlights of the program is it will be facilitated by Sound Up’s collaborator Rekha Murthy, an independent podcast strategist, along with Dawn J. Fraser, professional storyteller and communications coach. Meanwhile, let’s tune into some fabulous podcasts with female pocasters.

Here are the top 14 female-led podcasts.

Left Right Out Trailer

1. It’s a lot with Abbie Chatfield 

podcast 1

2. Happy Hour with Lucy and Nikki

podcast 2

3. Do You F*****g mind?

podcast 3

4. Exactly. With Florence Given

podcast 4

5. Brooke & Linda’s Dream Club

podcast 5

6. Trash Tiddas

podcast 6

7. Call her Daddy

podcast 7

8. Culture Club

podcast 8

9. Here’s the thing, tho with Soaliha

podcast 9

10. She Is Legend

podcast 10

11. Emsolation

podcast 11

12. I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

podcast 12

13. At Your Service with Dua Lipa

image 13

14. She’s on the Money 

podcast 14

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