Envato Boss Cyan Ta’eed’s Tip On How Females Can Be Successful

Emeric Brard
on 23 October 2019

From working in her parents’ basement in 2006, to now being a Young Rich Lister who according to AFR is now worth $799 million, Cyan Ta’eed is encouraging women to find their calling.

The longer I’ve been in business, the more I think what an anomaly it is that we have gotten to Envato’s scale with no external investment.” Cyan Ta’eed told AFR

In addition to Envato the world’s leading market place for creative assets, she also runs the chocolate social enterprise, Hey Tiger and an Instagram web page builder called Milkshake.

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Image Credit: Inventium

Out of 104 Australians on the 2019 Young Rich List, she’s just one of nine women to have made the cut, and out of a low 35 members that reside in the tech sector, only four are women.

We need approachable women as much as we need hard-edged, tough-as-nails ones(…)” she said.

Regarding entrepreneurs, Cyan Ta’eed believes that it will be a slow but sure shift towards gender equality, claiming that every role model “normalises the path (to success) and makes it clear that this actually isn’t a special ‘man thing'”.

The key is to go for it…

The more girls and young women who decide ‘I’ll give it a crack’, the better” she added.


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