Dog Walk App That Tracks You Dogs Every Move

By Frederique Bros
on 26 April 2020

These days with a smartphone we can track our fitness or food intake.We love this app created by Tractive. With Dog Walk you can see all the walks you do with your four-legged friend directly on your smartphone.

Record the route, distance and the duration of each walk to see all the exercise your puppy gets each day. Take photos of your walks and share your great experiences with friends and family. You can even log where your puppy made a pee or a poo. Based on that pee marker you can see where your dog usually goes potty :).

Dog owners will love this cool app!


Dog Walk  – Apple

We spend countless hours on walking our furry companions. Wouldn’t be nice to know exactly how much time and how many kilometres? With the Dog Walk app you can see the exact route the distance and the duration of your walks.

The photo feature allows you to take photos of your walks and share these great moments with friends and family – an excellent way to save good memories.

Dog Walk Is Available for Apple Watch

Leave your phone in the pocket and track your walks right on your wrist. The Tractive Dog Walk app is available for Apple Watch. All you need to bring is your dog, your watch and a good pair of walking shoes.

Easy interface

Simply tap on the Start button and you are ready to track your walk. Dog Walk takes care of the rest: It shows you the exact distance, the duration of your walk and your current position on the map.

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Take pictures

Do you like taking pictures? The Dog Walk app enables you to capture your dog’s best moments while enjoying the outdoors. Take a great picture of your pet and share it with friends and family!

Pee & Poo

See exactly where your pet is doing its “special business”.

It’s time for a walk! Check Tractive, Pet Wearable website to find more:

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