Dot The App Is The Game Changing Period Tracker For You

By Women Love Tech
on 20 January 2021

We’re fans of period trackers, fertility and ovulation trackers, and birth control apps. But there are so many popular apps serving different purposes, it’s a bit difficult to know which one is the best app for you. To make this decision slightly easier, let’s have a look at the app which global health experts have termed “a game changer for women’s health” – Dot.

Using data science and a patent-pending advanced algorithm, Dot the app can be used by women who want to prevent or plan their pregnancy, and track and predict their next period.

To say that Dot is like a weather forecast for your menstrual cycle, may sound a little superfluous. But that is exactly how it works! As a user, it’s really simple and intuitive too – just enter your period start date and Dot instantly lets you know your daily risk of contraception every day (high, low, or medium). There’s no need to enter any additional information, and certainly not on a daily basis. All you need is the app, and you’re set!

What sets Dot apart from a variety of other similar-ish apps is its one of a kind feature called ‘health alerts’, that spots trends and patterns in a user’s individual cycle data that indicates a potential health or fertility issue. You can choose to “learn more” and address any issues (such as short cycles or highly variable cycles) with your healthcare provider. Dot is also certainly easier to use than other fertility awareness methods because it doesn’t involve any extensive charting and daily temperature taking, whether you are using it as birth control or for conception.

The Dot app even lets you add notes about how you feel and what happens usually before, during, and after your period. All of this very personal information is well secured, since the data (easy to export) resides only on your phone and not with Dot.

Upgrading to Dot Pro means you’re helping the millions of women around the world who have an unmet need for contraception, because Dot is committed to providing women with free, effective family planning options that don’t cause side effects. Upgrading also gives you a few cool features, like the ability to sync your Dot data with the calendar on your phone as well as keeping your partner in the loop by sending them texts or emails to keep them up to date on your fertility status.

Don’t you just love it when technology can make your life simpler!

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