Worker Bee App Promises To Revolutionise Job Market

Women Love Tech
on 20 January 2021

There is a growing buzz about a new UK tech platform, Worker Bee, which will revolutionise the job market for employers seeking temporary staff.

The app will connect employers and workers on demand at a fraction of the cost of standard recruitment agencies.

The easy-to-use technology will also take away the hassle and uncertainty of what skills and strengths new recruits have to offer thanks to the app’s ratings and reviews section which can be completed by employers and employees at the end of each job.

This means value and transparency for all users.

Managing Director Robert Lorne, 33, explains: ‘Employers enter the role they have available giving duration, start date, time and pay.  Workers in the area can see and choose to accept the role and employers are notified when the required number of workers is met.

‘Employers then select who they want from the applicants and confirmations are sent out giving start date and time.  Once the work has been completed payment will be automatically taken and a paid invoice sent to the employer.

‘The fact that employers and workers can review each other is a huge bonus for temporary staff.  Too often recruitment agencies just send people along to employers without much thought.  But our app allows these workers to build their reputation through the ratings and review system’.

Job Centres in one of the UK’s biggest counties, Yorkshire, have agreed to trial Worker Bee for job-seekers – that’s 170,000 users at launch.  A number of companies have also agreed to run a trial scheme of the app, so impressed are they by the speed and savings Worker Bee offers.

Entrepreneur Robert knows all about the hassles of looking for a job – 18 months ago he was made homeless and was living in a hostel despite a high-flying career in finance and the travel and tourism industry.

‘The travel industry was suffering hugely before Covid-19 and unfortunately the company I was working for went bust. I lost my home, my savings, everything. No one would look at me for ‘unskilled’ work, claiming I had too much experience.

‘It was an incredibly tough time but I knew the only way out of it was to pick myself up and start again.  I’d always wanted to work for myself and came up with the Worker Bee concept.

On February 1, 2021, Robert is launching a crowd-funding page through to raise the £120,000 he needs in operating costs.

‘I am looking for investors, initially to launch in the UK and then to roll it out to the US, Australia and New Zealand. 

‘There is so much potential for Worker Bee both nationally and internationally which is why it’s such a great investment opportunity’.

But don’t just take Robert’s word for it.  Have a look for yourself how the app works by going to

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