How To Drive Safely While Using A Mobile Phone

By Frederique Bros
on 3 November 2014

I love gadgets and if you could see my office you might recommend me to change Women Love Tech blog’s name to ‘The Gadget Girl”. It’s been a while I was looking for the perfect gadget for my car and my mobile phone, and I found it. It’s amazing how a tiny object can simplify your life madly.

How To Drive Safely While Using A Mobile Phone

As you know you are not suppose to use your mobile phone while driving, but everyone is doing it, I can see you at the red light texting quickly and drop the phone between your legs. I did the same! Because I’m terrible with directions mostly I use Google Map app in my car to avoid the wrong turn. But every time I was using it I was feeling like a criminal in my own car thinking one day a police officer will tap on my car window… Yes you know that feeling when you are outlaw.

This is why I am very happy to present this cool gadget: [+] trip from Logitech is a strong magnetic car mount to clip onto your air vent – it will fit in any car!

How Does It Work

– Clip into your car air vent on the driver side

– Grab your phone – the brand doesn’t matter, the [+] trip comes with 2 square magnets

– remove your phone case, and place the magnet (not a sticker it won’t damage your phone) at the back

– Put back your normal phone case, et voila

– With your phone case on – the magnet will firmly attach to the air vent clip

– Plus you can switch your mobile phone into a landscape view (great for GPS apps)

How To Drive Safely While Using A Mobile Phone

I did on my two phones and because the phone cases are on, I forgot about it, until I’m back in my car I put my phone on the air vent one and I love it – no need to spend a fortune into a GPS. You can also take a call easily but for logical reasons I won’t recommend to send a text message see why below.

Australia NSW (broad) Law About Using A Phone While Driving

While a vehicle is moving or stationary (but not parked), a driver may only use a mobile phone to make or receive a call or use the audio playing function:

• If the mobile phone is secured in a fixed mounting; or
• If not in a mounting, use of the mobile phone must not require a driver to touch or manipulate the phone in any way.

All other functions including texting, video messaging, online chatting, reading preview messages and emailing are prohibited. The new laws make it clear that a driver in a moving or stationary vehicle (unless parked) MUST NOT HOLD a phone in his or her hand other than to pass the phone to a passenger.

Penalty: 3 demerit points (4 in a school zone) and $298 ($397 in a school zone)

NOTE: Learner and Provisional P1 drivers are not allowed to use ANY function of a phone (including hands-free) while driving.

The law might be changed a bit but as the French proverb says: “No one should ignore the law”. Get [+] trip to avoid problems. Just saying 🙂

Price & Availability

– Buy [+] trip online on the Logitech website, RRP $AU29.95 (which is a small price to pay compared to the penalty!). Drive safely.

Image Credit: DepositPhotos

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