Eras Tour to Fred Again: 5 Defining Music Moments This Year

By Alice Duthie
on 24 June 2024

Despite only being halfway through the year, 2024 has already been a year to remember for music fans. In Australia, we’ve seen major moments like the Taylor Swift Eras tour and the Fred again frenzy.

Spotify has revealed the defining cultural moments of the year across music, podcasts, and audio that have driven conversations in Australia. Let’s take a look…

1. A Swift Phenomenon

Swift’s multifaceted impact on music, culture, and fashion remains unparalleled, especially following her record-breaking Eras Tour show in Melbourne at the MCG, where she dazzled 96,000 starstruck fans, marking the largest audience of her career. Amidst performing sell-out shows and creating unbreakable bonds with Swiftie friendship bracelets, Taylor also found the time to drop a double album – The Tortured Poets Department shattered yet another record as the most streamed album ever. However, one thing we weren’t expecting was Swifties’ reaction to Sabrina Carpenter. It seems Tay Tay has got the nation hooked on a new popstar – and the Espresso singer shares our love for coffee too! 

2. Cowboy Culture’s Resurgence

The modern twist on country music attracts new audiences while retaining traditional fans. With the likes of Beyonce dropping Cowboy Carter giving us hits like Texas Hold Em, and Post Malone’s I Had Some Help collaboration with Morgan Wallen, the revival of country and genre-fusion is definitely having its moment this year. It’s yeehaw meets the modern era, and Aussies are loving every twang and beat.

cowboy carter
Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Album Cover

3. DJ Fandom and Fred Again..’s pull on Aussies

Fred Again.., Fisher, and other DJ maestros are spinning cultural moments across Australia. If you didn’t know Fred Again.. before 2024, you do now. His intimate, innovative performances, amplified by social media, set him apart in the electronic music scene. This year, his Melbourne performance sold out in 30 seconds, and his legendary pop-ups in regional towns, like Brunswick Heads, flooded streets and turned them into unforgettable raves for fans who missed out on tickets. 

4. Feud-fueled listening – The Diss Track Era

When Kendrick Lamar and Drake go head-to-head in diss tracks like Not Like Us and Push Ups, or Taylor Swift trades hidden lyrical blows in thanK you aIMee, we’re all ears. These musical feuds are the ultimate drama, driving streams and sparking debates that keep us glued to our playlists. While diss tracks aren’t anything new, 2024 has definitely seen the rise of feuds amongst artists, spurring deep dive detective work from fans. 

5. Noughties and Novo Nostalgia: The 90s are Back!

Step into a time capsule where Gen Z discover, and Millennials relish in the noughties. Novo Nostalgia is reigniting passions and memories across generations, proving that this golden era influencer is here to stay. From Usher’s unforgettable Super Bowl moment, Blink 182’s Australian tour announcement, and the Spice Girls’ reunion at Posh’s 50th birthday – these celebrations are more than events—they’re bridging the past and present. 


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