Teaching Through Tech: Miao Liu’s Mission to Modernise Accounting Education

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 24 June 2024

From the legal landscape to creative contexts, technology has permeated almost every profession. And, accounting is no exception. However, it takes a true pioneer recognise the potential of using this tech. A challenge that Miao Liu has risen to. As a Chartered Accountant and founder of Qianmo Accountants, Miao has dedicated herself to revolutionising accounting education through a blend of comprehensive training programmes and cutting-edge technology. Her mission: to bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world practice, empowering junior accountants to excel from day one.

From academics to real-world accounting

Miao’s journey began over a decade ago at Deloitte, where she quickly realised the challenges faced by new graduates entering the field. “I struggled to apply the technical aspects I had learned at university to practical scenarios,” Miao reflects. “It took me nearly three years to really grasp the logic and reasoning behind this technical knowledge and piece it together in a way that made me efficient and productive.” This experience inspired her to develop a training programme that accelerates the learning curve for junior accountants. And, equip them with essential skills in a fraction of the time typically required.

Teaching through tech

Central to Miao’s approach is her innovative tech platform, which serves as the backbone of Qianmo Accountants’ training programmes.

“Most accounting training programs on the market are either too technical or too general. For example, firms often subscribe to monthly tax updates, which are essential for ongoing technical training,” says Miao.

“Some accountants also receive communication training, which is useful long term, but there is a lack of training programs tailored for our junior accountants in public practice that bridge technical and practical knowledge.

“My program is designed to fill this gap, giving junior accountants the skills and understanding they need to thrive. Enabling them to understand and perform their daily tasks within three months, rather than a year or more. This efficiency frees up managers, directors, and partners in accounting firms to focus on client needs rather than training their accountants on the basics.”

Through interactive modules, live Q&A sessions, and practical case studies, Miao ensures that her courses remain relevant and responsive to industry demands.

Addressing industry challenges

Miao specifically identifies several key challenges within the accounting sector. Including the pressure to deliver quality compliance work with minimal write-offs daily.

“Because managers and directors need to allocate their time to higher-level work, it is often up to junior and intermediate accountants in the firm to deliver high-quality compliance work and provide foundational support for accounting firm operations,” says Miao

However, due to their lack of practical experience, it takes time for junior accountants to get up to speed, “This lack of training can disrupt workflows, reduce morale and lead to higher staff turnover, all of which translate to increased costs for the firm.”

Adaptability, advancements and modern accounting

Looking ahead, Miao emphasises the importance of adaptability in accounting education. “While the fundamental principles of accounting remain constant, the industry itself is evolving,” she notes. “Our training programmes are designed to instil a deep understanding of these principles. Empowering accountants to navigate new challenges with confidence.” By staying abreast of technological advancements and industry trends, Miao ensures that her graduates are well-prepared for the complexities of modern accounting.

For aspiring accountants, Miao offers sage advice: “Understand the breadth of opportunities within the field and invest in continuous learning.” She advocates for pursuing professional qualifications such as CA or CPA early on, which can significantly boost career prospects. “Accounting isn’t just about numbers,” Miao adds. “It’s about becoming a strategic advisor who contributes to business success.”

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