Steph Adams: How To Cultivate Timeless Style And My Favourite Fashion Apps

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on 28 July 2020

Author Steph Adams writes about how to cultivate timeless style.

Your style and image are very much apart of you own success in both business and your personal relationships. These choices affect both your self image and the impression that you are conveying to others, and in turn can determine how people behave towards you.

steph adams
Author and fashion writer Steph Adams. Photo credit: Hana Le Va

When you feel positive, then you exude confidence.  What you choose to wear helps others see your personality and in some cases can make you seem more attractive.

Here are a few tips on cultivating a timeless style


Try to mix different textures together; velvet with silk, leather pants with a white cotton shirt, black lace with sequins. Try to chose expensive over the cheaper variety, quality is best.

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A simple gold necklace or string of diamonds on a necklace, (also cubic zirconia is great here too) will instantly add glamour to any look. I have even found sparkling style broaches that I have added to blazers to instantly transform looks.

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Make sure that every couple of months, that you are editing your wardrobe. Make it fun so it doesn’t seem like a chore. I have donated clothes to charities and given away designer goods when they have no longer been of use. I have de-cluttered my bag closet and even sold some designer handbags after they no longer served their purpose. Just remember quality over quantity.

steph adams


A silk blouse with a high neck and large bow, always transforms to a look of elegance. This look is one of my favourites. Seen on Grace Kelly through the years.

Fashionable & Practical Bags For Busy Tech-Savvy Women


If you can’t afford designer, there are plenty of beautiful quality leather bags around with no labels that look equally as stylish together with an outfit, just steer away from fake designer bags as people can tell and they will only ruin your look. Also, I have seen women so well dressed at Fashion Week, without carrying a handbag at all and I must admit it works equally as well, but only when the clothes are pulled together. Sometimes a bag can change the proportion of the style you may be going for. If you are going to invest, I personally love Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Hermes if your budget will allow.

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Investing in a lovely scarf will instantly upgrade your wardrobe especially if you are just in jeans and a T-shirt. I love the Louis Vuitton scarfs because of their quality, but I have also found some cheaper varieties at the markets in cotton which work equally well. Vintage store shopping is also great for some unique finds. Just make sure it is of quality material.

4 essential apps to survive the Fashion Week


Layering is one of my favourite things, because it can completely change the style of any outfit. 


One stand out, glamorous pair of sunglasses will always make you look more expensive, especially if you are just running around in gym wear or a casual dress or jeans.

Top Fashion Tips & Accessories


I always try to find an elegant pair of gold sandals which works well with casual outfits. It’s been one of my staples at fashion week, walking between shows and because you can still head out to dinner in them.

Hit Or Miss: The New Must-Have Fashion Shopping App


I love a tailored blazer to go over jeans or over a black dress for a cocktail party. Don’t be afraid to try sequin, satin or velvet blazers to add instant glamour!

10 Beautiful And Unique Fashion Websites You Will love


Some of my favourite fashion apps you should download to help make shopping fun and enjoyable are:




shop style

And my favourite site

steph adams

Steph Adams is the author of FASHION & STYLE – Buy the book here for $26.95

Photo credit: Hana Le Va

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