FC 24: Spotlight On Women In The World Game

Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 8 October 2023

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup shining the spotlight on the heroic achievements of Sam Kerr and Co (at one point there were 11 million Aussies watching one game!) there’s never been a better time to be a woman who loves tech … and soccer!

And, to prove it, EA Sports FC 24 brings football-loving females to the front line. Here are our favourite female-friendly features from the latest incarnation of the cult gaming classic. For all those who fancy themselves as a bit of a Mary Fowler girl, living in a Lionel Messi world!

Sam Kerr
Sam Kerr, captain of the Matildas

Gaming goes inclusive

Football gaming looked to be in an offside position when Electronic Arts (EA) lost the $20 billion FIFA license in May 2022. And ended the era of the beloved FIFA franchise. However, this setback simply gave birth to EA Sports FC 24, a game that not only continues the tradition of immersive football gameplay but also brings a fresh perspective on women’s empowerment in the gaming world. EA Sports FC 24 (or simply FC 24), is the next chapter in the world of football gaming. Developed by the same team behind FIFA, but promising to deliver an exceptional, elevated gaming experience that truly embraces inclusivity.

Women and the World Game

While FC24 introduces a range of innovative features, our favourites are to be found in its commitment to women’s football. EA has gradually been integrating women’s football into their games, but in FC 24, it takes centre stage. With 74 women’s teams and over 1,600 players added, it is a significant step towards normalising women’s participation in football.

In the game’s Ultimate Team mode, both men’s and women’s footballers will compete on the same pitch. Therefore allowing gamers to create hybrid squads that bring the best of both worlds. This groundbreaking approach introduces six new women’s football competitions to the Ultimate Team player pool. These include the UEFA Women’s Champions League, the Barclays Women’s Super League, the National Women’s Soccer League, the D1 Arkema, the Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga, and Liga F. This expansion represents the most substantial addition to the player pool in Ultimate Team’s history. And unlocks endless possibilities for squad building and customisation.

Furthermore, EA Sports FC 24 ensures seamless integration of men’s and women’s footballers across various aspects of Ultimate Team. Players from both genders will be available in packs, making them accessible to all gamers. The Transfer Market will enable players to search for both men’s and women’s footballers based on attributes such as league, club, nationality, position, and price. Men’s and women’s footballers will be eligible for Objectives, serving as requirements and rewards. Rewards throughout the year will feature both male and female players, enriching the gaming experience.

In a significant move, EA Sports FC 24 also introduces Icons & Heroes from women’s football history into Ultimate Team, celebrating the contributions of legendary female players. This addition promises to bring iconic women’s football figures to the forefront of the gaming experience.

Squad chemistry, a crucial element in Ultimate Team, will remain consistent. However, now players will have an additional opportunity to link players across men’s and women’s football. Whether it’s Women’s Super League (WSL) players linking with other WSL players or English players connecting with their compatriots, the chemistry system will accommodate these diverse connections. Furthermore, players can link women’s footballers to men’s footballers who play for their affiliated club, creating more possibilities for squad building.

The player ratings in Ultimate Team will reflect their real-world performance, ensuring consistency with other game modes. This means that if a player is rated 85 in Kick Off mode, their base Overall Rating (OVR) in Ultimate Team will also be 85.

Finally, EA Sports FC 24 commits to featuring women’s footballers in future live service campaigns. Players from across the world of football will be available in Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), Objectives, Moments, and more. The result? reinforcing the idea that football knows no gender boundaries.

FC 24

FC 24: The future of football gaming is female

FC 24 sends a powerful message that women belong in both football and tech. It promises to be a game-changer for gender equality in the gaming world. And deliver a cultural shift that can redefine how society perceives women in sports.

At an event to launch the game in Sydney, Western Sydney Wanderers footballer Sophie Harding said “As a female footballer it’s super exciting. Growing up I was the only female on the pitch amongst boys. Now I think it’s such a cool experience for both young boys and girls to see women’s football growing in Australia.”

With its commitment to immersive football gaming, authenticity and innovative features, FC 24 has the potential to redefine the future of football, gender equality and female empowerment in the gaming world. And make it a more inclusive and diverse space for all. It’s a play where everyone, regardless of gender, can enjoy “the beautiful game.”

FC 24 is currently available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


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