Frederique Bros From Women Love Tech Interviewed By Telum

Frederique Bros
on 7 June 2016

I was interviewed by Telum Media – The media specialised for PRs and journalists. Discover a little bit more about Women Love Tech and I.

Can you tell us a bit about Women Love Tech and why you decided to start the digital magazine?
Women Love Tech is a digital space for modern and professional women where they can find practical and useful lifestyle technology news such as the best apps, cool websites, tech news or cool gadget reviews.

I started the mag four years ago because my friends were always asking me for my help with their phone, to find an app or how to etc… I saw a gap in the market. There wasn’t a cool digital space to help women to be tech-savvy without a headache.

In a busy online market, how do you separate Women Love Tech from other publications?
Women Love Tech is a beautifully designed technology magazine with interesting articles written by women for women. I always put myself in my readers’ shoes trying to guess what a woman would like to read about cool technology. Women Love Tech is a mix of technology news, press releases, how-tos and everything in between. I write also about new apps and fun gadgets.

How did you get your start in media?
I started in media with Women Love Tech – at the beginning, it was a blog. It has now turned into digital magazine today. With time, I learnt how to construct an article which is not an easy exercise because English is my second language. I have so much to share with my readers that the passion of sharing news takes over. With Women Love Tech I am invited to lots of tech events and I’m trying products / apps that sometimes are not yet on the market – I love to be a tech girl.

Having worked in the digital and technology industries for over 10 years, what’s the most important thing you’ve learnt?
They are both very fast industries. I learnt to always be up to date with what is new and regularly feeding my curiosity and passion for cool technology with a lot of reading.

What’s your proudest achievement to date?
Four years ago, I started Women Love Tech with zero budget and little knowledge about publishing. I taught myself about social media, online advertising, web development, blogging, SEO, SEM, digital content, etc… it’s been an incredible learning curve.

What technology trends have caught your attention recently?
That is a tricky question – there are so many, but I would say I have been amazed at the new Apple iPad Pro, a great tool!

What does a day in the life of Frederique Bros look like?
A very busy day. It always starts with reading and answering emails. I spend lots of time on social media all day long, writing articles, going to tech events or meeting with potential clients that want to be featured in the magazine.

Coffee, lunch or drinks?
Lunch with a glass of Pinot Noir – very French of me!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Being a jumper – being able to be in other places in seconds – for example, I could be in France in the morning and Australia in the afternoon.

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