Get Fit Online: Hire A Fitness Trainer Without Leaving Your House

Zeena Dhalla
on 1 January 2021

Gone are the days where you have to schlep to the gym everyday to meet your personal trainer for killer abs.

Innovation has swept the fitness arena and now technology can effectively assist you in meeting your fitness goals, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

For a low monthly rate, apps like the Daily Burn and Pilates Anytime will deliver countless workout routines for you to choose from anytime, anywhere as long as you have space and a wifi connection. These options are low cost, and can deliver results, IF you are self motivated.

However, most people need more help, guidance, customisation and accountability in order to reach their goals. For this group, an online personal trainer is the best solution. Technology has also improved the effectiveness of online personal trainers.

Technology now allows them to deliver customised exercise routines to their clients, as well as follow and track any nutritional guidance, in real time. More importantly, you can find the instructor that you connect with, and hire them regardless of where they live in the world. No need to “settle’ on the closest most convenient person (who may not connect with your lifestyle and needs).

Wondering how a personal trainer can make sure you’re doing your exercises correctly? This can be easily achieved by using your smartphone. Most programs have features that make it easy to shoot and upload a video of yourself performing an exercise, and send it to your trainer for feedback. Other benefits of hiring an online trainer, include the ability to communicate daily with your coach (versus only during your session), lower cost points, flexibility in scheduling your exercise sessions, and saving time and money with a membership to a gym.

Here are 3 stellar fitness coaching sites:

Girls Gone Strong

With tons of media coverage and some outstanding leaders in their organisation, GGS covers all things “body image” for women.  With a mission and focus on “strong” versus “skinny” their team of trainers offer custom tailored programs to women of all shapes and sizes. The “Strongest You” coaching program is their flagship customised program is only open for new enrolment a couple  Their “Modern Women’s Guide to Strength Training” is a very comprehensive, more affordable, less customised version delivered by this team of women’s fitness experts.

Nerd Fitness

Capturing the inner “nerd” is the theme for this program, which isn’t truly customised but has a large group support system and a thriving community. The site aims to attract the “everyday Joe”, who likes to spend more time on being comic book super heroes and less time on athletic endeavours. These people seem to be looking for a supportive, like-minded community to help each other on their fitness journey. The NerdFitness Academy is their flagship (not customised) comprehensive program and promises long term sustainable results.

As you can see there are a variety of options targeting all different kinds of goals and clients. The price to hire an online trainer ranges from $19 to $400 a month, and the services and offerings are extremely varied. Read the blogs, check the testimonials, request a private skype call, and find the fitness voice that speaks to you.

VerticAlign Posture Coaching

If you sit all day long, and have a myriad of aches and pain from all that sitting, VerticAlign’s programs are made for you. Designed for the busy working professional, the programs are designed to be done from home, in less than 25 minutes a day. You can join the 4 week Slouch Solution course, or you can work privately with a posture coach and receive custom routines for your specific needs. You get direct coaching on a daily basis and you can feel assured that you are exercising safely and seeing results with both your posture and your overall physique.

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