Get The Ultimate Sleep Device For Your Bedroom

By Victoria Marszalkowski
on 19 September 2016

Working longer hours and with the daily pressures of life steadily increasing I’m finding it harder and harder to switch off at night and I’m sure I’m not the first to be experiencing this! It got me thinking and researching ways to help me slow down as my day comes to an end.

Below are a few tips I’ve tried and tested that have definitely helped me get more out of my zzz’s.

Get The Ultimate Sleep Device For Your Bedroom

Get rid of your daily blues

Recent studies have shown exactly how detrimental the ‘blue light’ that is emitted from all of our gadgets really is and just how much it is impacting our sleep habits. Sunlight actually contains a small about of blue light and it helps keeps up focused and alert – both important functions during the day. So whilst  your glued to your phone, tablet or eBook, your brain is actually getting tricked into thinking it’s still daytime. I can quite quickly see the magnitude of this.

The solution

Unblue – Eye Caring Blue Light Filter Health Application $4.95 from the iTunes Store – unfortunately it’s only available for Apple products. 

This app changes the light that is emitted from your device into a warm light that is much easier on your eyes and reduces the toll it takes on your brain.

Set yourself a regular sleep schedule and create a pre-sleep routine

Consistency is key here. The National Sleep Foundation recommend that adults ideally need between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Even 7 hours is hard for me to achieve on a consistence basis however one thing that has worked really well for myself is setting a curfew that I strive to abide by every night. This has helped my body sync back into natural circadian rhythms and by default has led me to create a sort of ‘pre-sleep routine’ and start switching off earlier because I’m aiming to be in bed by a specific time. See the Sleep Health Foundation for more tips and helpful hints to get a better nights sleep.

Connect with your Alarm Clock

Getting up in the morning will be a whole lot easier with this device. Wake up rejuvenated to customised sounds that ease you out of bed with the assistance of stimulated sunlight via blue light. While it is important to reduce your blue light intake after dark, it may just be a solution to help you get out of bed in the morning. Specially produced sound programs and light sequences take you from day to night and visa versa with peace of mind. The various coloured lights can also help induce sleep hormones, however if you want to get the most out of your zzz’s, add the sleep sensor under your pillow to monitor your sleep patterns and cycles. It also works together with Spotify to link up with your existing playlists and radio stations.

This fabulous, minimalist designed device is a must in the modern day bedroom.

R.R.P. $283.95 for the Aura Alarm Clock.

To conclude, I think it’s quite valuable to look at these two products side by side both in relation to blue light even though the blue light is being used for contrasting reasons. It really outlines the importance of rethinking blue light within our environments.

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