How To Be A Gocube and Rubik’s Connected Master

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on 30 March 2021

Do you need a virtual tutor to help you solve the Rubik cube?

The GoCube online shop sells the original GoCube Connected and a Rubik’s Connected cube. You’ll soon be able to complete your cube in record time.

You can battle with your friends and family. You can learn different moves and play different strategy games with the app to guide you. You can view your stats and analyze how you are progressing.

rubik gocube

The GoCube Edge Full pack comes with a customized USB charger, a charging stand and pouch for travelling. You can buy replacement stickers, stands, charging cables, carrying pouches and more on the accessories page.

GoCube has a dedicated YouTube channel with the GoCube Academy and a number of lessons and support tutorials on how to use the GoCube and set it up. GoCube provides a help center and customer support.

Rubik’s Connected Cube

The Rubik’ Connected cube allows you to battle other plays online and join the community. You can improve your technique with advanced statistics. You can play a variety of games like Cubeysizer, Paint It, Simon, Cube Hero and Patterns.

1-year warranty. 30-day money-back guarantee.

About GoCube

Particula has created GoCube, a 2018 smart app-connected spin on the classic game that reduces the frustration factor and helps turn anyone into a Cube Master from the comfort of home. The tech is equipped with sensors to track and measure activity, and an inertial measurement unit to track the cube’s position. With tutorials for beginners and coaching for players looking to hone their skills, users can embark on missions to solve cubes, play the app’s prepackaged games, face off against friends, or compete fairly against players around the world. GoCube can even be used as a controller for other games.

About Rubik’s

What started out as a puzzle created by Professor Ernő Rubik to teach architectural students has evolved into the world’s most successful single toy, perceived globally as an art form and also an iconic symbol of intelligence and problem-solving.

In 1980, the Rubik’s Cube was officially introduced to the world. Now in its 40th anniversary year, nearly half a billion Cubes have been sold to date with 2020 set to be a breakthrough year with over 20 million Rubik’s products expected to be sold globally. Adding to the excitement of the anniversary, Rubik’s has formed several partnerships to create brand new and unique Rubik’s themed products outside of the usual games and puzzles. These include Etch-A-SketchThe OpPerplexusDeKryptic and Marvin’s Magic.

Within the USA, You CAN Do the Rubik’s Cube program typically places cubes into the hands of half a million students every year, helping them learn critical STEM and STEAM concepts.

The new Connected Cube and its app was designed in partnership with GoCube (utilizing the best in class smartcube’s technology)

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