Wanngi: The Best App To Help You Track Your Health

Emeric Brard
on 30 March 2021

In a world where health issues are causing a lot of concern, we all need that one place we can go to where we track all our symptoms, record immunisations (including Covid-19 vaccinations), medications, upload all our results from MRIs, X-rays, Covid-19 tests and pathology reports. Not only does Wanngi let you do that, but it also allows you to export your medical history and share with multiple doctors or when you’re seeking another opinion.

The use of telehealth services has skyrocketed and a health management platform like Wanngi not only makes communication and medical case sharing easier for the patient but also gives the doctor access to a library of your health issues, thereby speeding up the diagnosis and treatment you’re seeking.

Take control of your health issues with your very own personal health diary. Available on the App Store and Google Play, Wanngi is the only health management app you will need. They are so convinced you’ll love it, they are offering a 30 day trial for free. Have access to your entire medical history whenever you need it. Download Wanngi today https://wanngi.com/.

Wanngi is a Healthtech company building innovation to improve people’s health diagnosis and treatment. Wanngi is a health management platform that allows you to track symptoms, immunisations, set medication reminders and manage medical and fitness information, in one secure HIPAA Compliant online location.

This is a company set to grow globally so watch this space ladies. The CEO and founder of Wanngi Maree Beare said “Our company is scaling our health management platforms to provide a direct-to-consumer approach to provide efficiencies in the $47Billion clinical trials market”. Her mission is to make Australia the destination of choice for clinical trials working with global pharma companies on this goal. We will be collaborating by providing a platform to speed up clinical trial recruitment with consumers providing efficiencies and reducing time and costs in this process. Pharma companies globally have been unable to conduct many clinical trials in countries impacted by COVID. We are in a country where COVID is under control, and yet people with chronic illness who are seeking help for their illness are currently finding blocked pathways when searching for appropriate clinical trials.

Maree Beare, CEO, Wanngi
Maree Beare, CEO of Wanngi

We asked the CEO and Founder of Wanngi, Maree Beare, a few questions to find out more about the inspiration behind Wanngi, and her experience as a woman in the male-dominated world of technology. Maree’s work with Wanngi has been recognised by Forbes in the top 50 women-led startups disrupting HealthTech and CNET, showing the Australian company is becoming a growing influence in the digital health sector. Maree was also named in the top 100 Women in Wearables for 2019.

What made you start an app like Wanngi?

As a technologist, I had a burning desire to use my skills to create innovation to advocate for people and how they access their health information. I have known so many people that live with chronic health conditions and after hearing their frustration when it comes to managing their health and how they communicate with their doctors, I knew what I had to do to make a difference. That’s how Wanngi came into this world.

With Wanngi people have this one platform that makes those with chronic health issues feel safe and heard. In the current climate seeing our doctor or multiple doctors can be stressful for patients, and for doctors to gather everything they need to know. That’s where Wanngi steps in, a central place for people to track all their symptoms, health records, medication and treatment plans, so they can improve their diagnosis and have more effective conversations with their doctors.

Was it hard starting your very own tech product?

However, when someone tells me “you can’t do it” (which happened a lot), it makes me want to do it even more. I persevered and now I’m here, proud to say I started Wanngi.
It’s disappointing that this is still something we have to address in 2021, but being an ambitious woman in a male-dominated tech industry has definitely been an ongoing challenge I’ve faced. As women, finding Investment funding is quite daunting. Due to a lack of knowledge about the health tech sector amongst Australian investors, scaling a company like Wanngi is hard locally. Adding to that the fact that I’m a female certainly doesn’t help the situation. Crunchbase data evidence highlighted this problem where female founders globally received only 2.3% of the funding available in 2020, which is a decrease from 2.8% in 2019 (crunchbase). It’s frustrating that more often than not when women entrepreneurs pitch to investors (mostly men) questions are focused on the risks rather than the opportunities. It’s a shame because the health tech sector is certainly a growth opportunity.

What makes Wanngi different?


We live in a world that is more connected than ever before, however, with healthcare, it’s a different story, I genuinely believe that Wanngi is the only health management app people need. If someone lives with chronic health conditions or is trying to manage all their symptoms to make sure their doctor knows everything and last and definitely not least, have your very own medical library, Wanngi is what you need.

What’s next for you Maree?

We are in a country where COVID is under control, and yet people with chronic illness who are seeking help for their illness are currently finding blocked pathways when searching for appropriate clinical trials. Our company is scaling our health management platforms to provide a direct to consumer approach to provide efficiencies in the $47Billion clinical trials market. Our mission is for Australia to become the hotspot for conducting clinical trials globally.

And, finally, what advice would you give to our readers who aspire to launch something of their own?

It sounds really simple, but it has a lot of power. Go for it! As women, only we know our struggle. We’ve all been there. Surprisingly sometimes it’s women who dissuade other women from following their dreams, which is why it’s so important for us to be true to ourselves, stay determined and last but definitely not least, we girls in the workforce need to support each other.

Find out more about Wanngi at https://wanngi.com/

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