Good On You The Australian Ethical Fashion App

By Frederique Bros
on 28 February 2021

Good On You is the innovative app that rates more than 1000 fashion and beauty brands based on their impact on people, the environment and animals. It will also map outlets so people can find retailers close by. And all this can be tailored to one’s personal style.

Sydney-based social enterprise Good On You is creating an app to make shopping more ethical with a crowdfunding campaign.

Good On You The Australian Ethical Fashion App

The app is unique in that it will also allow shoppers to directly contact brands to tell them how they feel about their excellent, or poor, ethical ratings. This is fashion activism!

Good On You CEO Gordon Renouf says: “People are increasingly interested in where their money goes. We want to help them choose brands that do good for our world.”

“Shoppers can also use the app to keep the industry on their toes by sending a direct email to designers and brands.” ‘Do good or we’ll shop somewhere else’.

“Fashion is self-expression, and it can be much more than just looking great. It can be an expression of our moral and ethical values via the products we buy.”

The Sydney-based team from Ethical Consumers Australia have been researching brands and developing the Good On You ratings system over the past year. They work with groups like Baptist World Aid and Ethical Clothing Australia to collate information and develop ratings on brands ethical and sustainable practices. They investigate working conditions, child labour, wages, supply chains, environmental impacts and animal protection.  

Good On You hopes to raise $25,000 to build the app. The app will to be ready in September, well before the Christmas shopping period to help people make informed decisions throughout Australia’s biggest retail spending period.

Good On You invites people to support their Start Some Good campaign:

Good On You is a not for profit founded in Sydney in 2014 as an initiative of Ethical Consumers Australia. It aims to promote ethical consumption in the fashion and other industries by providing information about brand policies and practices.

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