HUAWEIFreeBuds 4i Review: 10 Hours Of Non-Stop Music

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 15 January 2022

There’s something ergonomically satisfying about holding the HUAWEIFreeBuds 4i charging case in your hands. The oval shape case feels silky and I love the  flat underside which sits flush on my desk. But what is really appealing about these earbuds is its performance, and what a joy to know you can listen to 10 hours of continuous music without having to recharge it.

HUAWEIFreeBuds 4i
HUAWEIFreeBuds 4i

This is a real benefit if, like me, you are always rushing around and don’t have time to fully charge it. If you only have time to top it up quickly, just ten minutes of charging will give you as much as four hours of audio which is also a winner for me.

Retailing at AU $159, the HUAWEIFreeBuds 4i is particularly good value especially as it has the benefit of a powerful battery life as well as active noise cancellation, and brilliant audio quality.

Available in Ceramic White and Carbon Crystal Black, the HUAWEIFreeBuds 4i fits comfortably in your ear and you can wear them without that annoying feeling of them moving around when you go on a jog or a long walk. This is because the design has been well thought out and fits the ear canal well which means it passes the all important comfort test for long wearing.

HUAWEIFreeBuds 4i
HUAWEIFreeBuds 4i in classic white or black

It’s easy to adjust so you can easily enjoy the noise cancelling feature by simply pressing and holding the earbuds as you switch between Awareness Mode to Active Noise Cancellation Mode which is great for on the go people moving between loud shopping areas or on on and off trains and buses when you are commuting. With many of us working from home with other family members or housemates around, it’s more important than ever to be able to filter extra noise and this feature functions seamlessly.

There’s also a dual-mic system which has a slit-duct design to help reduce wind sounds and filter other unwanted noise.

For those wanting a good quality pair of earbuds, these are excellent value for money.

They also pair up well with both android and iOS devices and the sleek, compact design and quality audio make them hard to go past.

Check them out here.

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