Evie App Provides Convenience to EV Drivers. Here’s How! 

By Zeerak Ayaz
on 7 August 2023

Drivers of electric vehicles need to be more cautious when it comes to refuelling due to the comparatively fewer EV-charging stations. This is exactly where Evie Network’s innovative smartphone app comes in handy! 

With the help of a group of dedicated drivers, Evie has created an app for users to quickly identify charging stations and plan their trips accordingly. 

The app is available in the Apple App and Google Play stores by visiting https://goevie.page.link/app.

According to Evie’s “Our Challenge” page, “Ultrafast public charging is essential, we need to be able to charge quickly and conveniently wherever we go”.  This holds true which is why it was designed to make charging more feasible. This means that a person does not need to rely on scanning QR codes to start charging sessions.  

Currently the largest fastest EV charging network, you simply tap the screen twice, and then select a charging plug and location-based charger location.

How Evie works

The Evie Networks RFID card provides a convenient way for a regular tap and charge access to the EVIE networks charging station.  

You can order a RFID card via The Evie Networks App. 

  1. Create a login or login (existing user).
  2. Select the account settings.
  3. Select ‘key fobs’ and click ‘order’.
  4. Fill out details and select payment details.
  5. Complete order.

You should wait for at least two weeks for RFID card delivery. 

Evie networks was founded in 2017 to build Australia’s largest electric vehicle fast charging network and the option to allow for electric vehicle lovers to travel anywhere. 


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