How to Break Up With a Text Message

By Frederique Bros
on 2 February 2024

I love technology and the creative people behind it! When I discovered the Breakup SMS Text Message app, the app to help you how to break up with a text message, I couldn’t stop laughing. The idea to break on a text message it’s already a daunted idea but to use an app to do it for you, it’s hilarious. I can imagine using this app for casual relationships.

This app helps you end your relationship the easy way with a few taps on your smartphone screen. Breakup SMS Text Message makes it easier than ever to end things with your significant other. No more awkward conversations or phone calls. You can end your relationship in just a few taps.

How Does BreakupText Work

  • To get started, you simply have to tell the app whether you’re breaking up with a man or a woman
  • A serious or casual partner, and why you’ve decided to move on
  • Enter a phone number, and it takes care of the dirty work for you.

Customer Reviews

“This app is amazing. I’ve avoided so many potentially awkward confrontations simply pressing a few buttons and letting my former gf know of my unfortunate bear attack. Honestly this app is really funny and totally worth purchase.”

“This changes everything.”

“Breakups will never be the same.”

“OMG this world wonderfully.”

“Never went so smooth before.”

Download the BreakUp SMS Text Message app here

Please note, at Women Love Tech, we do understand the seriousness of break-ups and how painful it can be when ending a relationship. But for the not serious ones, I will use this app and have fun with it. I love this one: I was eaten by a bear 🙂

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