How to Build a Successful Personal Brand in 2022

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on 10 March 2022

A business or individual’s brand is defined by unique characteristics that leave a lasting impression and attract audiences to stay for the long run.

It’s important for anyone that wants to craft a brand, to stay consistent with the basics. Utilise the tools around you, it doesn’t require thousands of dollars to get started.

Building a reputable brand takes creativity to stand out, patience to gain an organic audience, and consistency to retain your audience. A crucial step is identifying the underlying purpose and values that drive your brand. Not taking the time to figure this out, or what types of audiences you will be appealing to can lead to greater losses later on.

Taylor Ping
Taylor Ping

As someone who helps build brands for a living, Taylor Ping, CEO and Founder of Hierarchy Media has almost a religious process when it comes to branding. She shares the golden stakes when it comes to finding success in the industry this year.

Identify the Brand’s DNA & Rectify it— Stay Consistent Across all Mediums. 

Part of the brand strategy is to identify what you identify with. Identify your purpose and make this a clear offer. For example, if you’re a celebrity life coach perhaps your statement would be “I coach actors and actresses around the globe on how to build better connections with their partners.”

Also make it clear why you offer this. People are more likely to trust your services if you appear passionate about what you’re doing. Taylor affirms the importance of establishing a clear brand purpose, saying “Few Individuals become a figurehead of their industry but when you align yourself or your brand with your authentic and divine purpose, you culminate a power that goes far beyond marketing.”

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The more your audience can identify with your brand, the more they buy into it. Make your offer consistent across all mediums and avoid inconsistencies in how you market yourself. If your Instagram is a fashion brand, don’t start posting pictures of your Mcdonald runs.

Establish a solid online reputation and presence

You can’t build a brand these days without establishing a solid digital footprint. Legitimacy is important because most people are going to turn to the internet to search for what you provide.

Maintain active channels across popular social media platforms and publications to connect with a larger audience. Focus your attention to creating high-quality content. Pay special attention to creating high-quality or valuable content, because this is what will differentiate you from the crowd.

Network and build relationships with PR outlets, media, and journalists: don’t give anyone the opportunity to misrepresent you. Give people accurate information about your brand so they represent you authentically, in a way that aligns with your brand.

Be clear about your target audience and niche 

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If you’re a celebrity trainer, it might not be the smartest idea to advertise to suburban housewives or teenagers. You’re not Michelle Obama here. Make sure you hone in on a niche because it will make your brand more clearly defined and effective.

Once you identify a niche, put extra attention and effort into nurturing this audience

Create content that they would enjoy using tools like social media marketing and free educational content.

Taylor represents people of all walks of life with her company, but she places a special emphasis on “helping shine light for women to build things they previously believed they couldn’t. By staying curious, learning, and mastering different skill sets, Taylor is working on releasing courses that help educate people on a broad variety of skills including cryptocurrency and content creation and design.


Building a successful brand takes time and persistence. But as long as you stay vigilant on opportunities ahead while aligning with your passion and purpose, you will always find ways to deliver value through your own unique voice. The secret to creating a great brand lies not so much within the strategy, but how determined you are of getting your offer out there, and how resistant you are to the forces that try to tamper with your brand.

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