How You Can Spot Skin Cancer Warning Signs With Your Smartphone

By Alice Duthie
on 7 May 2022

Skin tracking platform Miiskin, has launched a unique augmented reality mole sizing feature – helping people use their smartphone to spot skin cancer warning signs.

Created to support people tracking changes to their skin, Miiskin is used by 50,000 people in Australia. The app has introduced a series of advanced features since first launching in Australia, including skin mapping technology to detect new marks and moles, and now the first-of-its-kind mole sizing tech.

By taking a photograph of a mole next to a reference object, such as a 10 cents coin, the user can now measure the size of the mole or lesion with the app’s new mole sizing feature. This can be used to identify two of the ABCDE melanoma warning signs – by capturing the diameter ‘D’ and tracking its size and appearance to see if the mole evolves ‘E’.

Jon Friis, founder and CEO of Miiskin, said: “By combining the latest in machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality, we are bringing technology to smartphones that has not previously been openly available for people to use themselves. This further supports skin self-examinations and can help spot changes in size and appearance, which may not be easily noticeable to the naked eye.

“Regular skin monitoring is important in the early detection of skin cancer – and many Australians are now digitally tracking changes as part of this. While technology should never replace medical advice, it can assist with the process of self-examinations of the skin.”

Miiskin - compare-mole-size-over-time 10cents

With one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, two in three Australians are expected to be diagnosed with it by the age of 70. Latest official statistics show 2,123 annual deaths from skin cancer in Australia – the highest in five years. Most skin cancer cases can be successfully treated if caught early though, so being aware of skin changes is vital.

Miiskin now has 700,000 users worldwide and is the most popular consumer skin tracking app in the world – including 15,000 new downloads of the app in Australia since 2020. It has established partnerships with international skin and cancer organisations and charities.

Dr Anton Alexandroff, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, said: “It’s important to be aware of changes to your skin, as most skin cancers can be treated successfully if caught early. Smartphones and new advances in consumer health tech can play a helpful role – making it easier for people to track and capture skin changes, so they can speak to a doctor or their skin specialist and have it checked out.”

Miiskin has been at the forefront of machine learning and computer vision in patient skin self-monitoring technology since the launch of the app’s popular Automatic Skin Imaging tool for full-body photos for skin self-exams. 

The new mole sizing feature has rolled out to iOS (compatible with iOS11 and above) and Android, and is available to Miiskin Premium users.

Miiskin does not diagnose skin cancer and users of the app showing warning signs should consult with a doctor or specialist for medical assessment.

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About Miiskin

Founded in Denmark, Miiskin is the most popular consumer skin tracking platform in the world (700,000 users) and is widely recommended by the dermatology community (170 clinical partners). Miiskin is a member of The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Corporate Council and is proud to support the organisation’s efforts to educate people about the importance of skin cancer early detection.

The app simplifies the self-examination process that is crucial to providing doctors with essential health information during checkup appointments. Deploying the latest in machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality, Miiskin reminds and empowers users to take individual and full-body photographs of the skin.

Miiskin is the first skin tracking app in The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Corporate Council. It partners with a number of international charities, including the British Skin Foundation. Miiskin also become the first app to receive independent dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance.

Miiskin can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, with advanced features available for a 30-day trial. Subscription costs for advanced features in Miiskin Premium are $8.99/per month or $39.99/per year with 30-day trial. Visit or search “Miiskin” in your app store. 

About spotting melanoma

The ABCDE checklist can help you look for signs of melanoma:

  • Asymmetrical – two halves do not match and are an irregular shape
  • Border – an uneven border, notched or ragged
  • Colour – colour could be uneven (such as brown/black/red shades) or changing
  • Diameter – lesions bigger than the size of a pencil eraser (6mm+) have a higher risk of being melanoma
  • Evolving – one of the most important signs is a change to an existing mole or a new lesion evolving

If you spot anything concerning, contact your GP or skin specialist for advice.

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