Inclusivity Is Good for Everyone including YouTube

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on 26 March 2021

Geena Davis has reflected on gender bias in YouTube advertising videos by breaking down the results of gender representation in a longitudinal advertising research study. The team of researchers were wondering about the effect specific images have on experiences around the world.

Although gender biases persist in all major forms of media, including the lead character, there has been lots of positive progress:

  • In the major children’s TV shows analyzed, female characters now appear as leads or co-leads 52% of the time. The female characters account for 55% of screen time and 50% of speaking time.
  • Inclusive teams deliver better ideas, better products and stronger outcomes
  • 70% of buyers prefer to buy brands that are inclusive
  • When Universal Design principles are used in products and services, and by brands, then the results are better and more accessible for everyone.
  • The disabled community have 8 trillion in disposable income

However, advertisers, scriptwriters and marketing professionals still need to work on a few areas:

  • female characters are significantly more likely to wear revealing clothing than male characters
  • male characters are more likely to be shown driving, working, outdoors, and attending a sporting event
  • male characters are also more likely to be shown working and in leadership positions

Did you know that the first television show that had closed captioning was ‘The French Chef with Julia Child’?

When 66% switch off media when advertising portrays stereotypes of women in a negative light, it’s time to reassess our inclusivity language and communication.

“We are so quick to judge, but we are only ever judging the cover, and that has to change.”

Kimberlee Wells, CEO at TBWA Melbourne and Adelaide.

Please leave a comment below to tell us how your team and business has encouraged a female-friendly environment and/or created an inclusive team?


Inclusivity Is Good Business: A New Report on Designing for Everyone

What 2.7M YouTube ads reveal about gender bias in marketing. Geena Davis.

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