Instagram Announces First Nations Creator Program Recipients

Max Wilson
on September 22, 2021

Instagram and Screen Australia have selected fifteen First Nations online creators for their new First Nations Creator Program. The partnership between Screen Australia’s First Nations department and Instagram Australia, launched in May of this year, is aimed at “accelerating up-and-coming local talent and amplifying diverse voices across the social media landscape.”

The fifteen selected recipients of the inaugural First Nations Creator Program are:

Graeme Mason, Screen Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are constantly looking for new ways to support content creators on the platforms they are connecting with audiences on and the accessibility of social media allows us to, through this Program with Instagram Australia, nurture new voices and champion extraordinary First Nations creators.”

As part of the program, the creators will each receive $10,000 in production funding to create reels or IGTV videos for their Instagram accounts. They will also have training sessions and workshops, beginning on the 23rd of September. These will cover an array of topics including product, creativity, safety and well-being, as well as mentored guidance on digital production and social media strategy.

Meleika Gesa’s Artwork: Courtesy of Instagram

Creators will be connected to industry contacts including representatives from Instagram and Screen Australia, management teams, leading First Nations creatives, and other social media creators.

“It’s been thrilling to witness the creativity of the many First Nations creators who applied for this inaugural program. The fifteen recipients for this year’s program represent the diversity of emerging Indigenous creators who are using Instagram to amplify their voices and share their stories.” said Zaac d’Almeida, Strategic Partnership Manager at Instagram Australia.

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