Luxaflex Brings Furnishings Integrated With Alexa And Google Home

By Women Love Tech
on 13 July 2018

As easy as our lives have become since the introduction of smart home assistants and devices (hello, Alexa and Google Home!) and home cleaning robots, let’s be real – there’s always room for more. With that in mind, we bring to you Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation and its integrated solutions for smart home technology in the Australian market.

Move over smart tech that only adjusts heating and lighting in your home; we’re looking at integrated technology that gives home owners the control to manage shading, energy efficiency, and privacy in their homes. Thereby reducing energy consumption and increasing home security. A “shut up and take my money” meme would be apt, right about here!

“Aussies can schedule their blinds to lower them when you need them covering the windows to provide maximum insulation, such as just prior to sunset in winter – the optimum time to close them to help prevent heat loss. Doing this with our Duette Architella Ménage Shades will have double the impact, as independent modelling has shown that these coverings can reduce an average home’s heating costs by up to 49 per cent 1,” says Jenny Brown, National Marketing Manager of Luxaflex Window Fashions.

Individual window coverings “can be powered at the touch of a button with a selection of stylish remotes, smartphone apps, and integration with third-party systems such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, according to preference.” If this sounds like everything you’ve always wanted for your home, you’re not the only ones.

This is also the kind of technology also helps increase home security – you can configure the system (by having your blinds set to open and close) to make it seem like someone is in the house when, in fact, you’re on holiday and the house is empty. Our childhood terror of being alone at home like Kevin from Home Alone, is finally being addressed by smart home tech!

At Luxaflex, a wide range of automation systems are available, which are traditionally broken up into two categories – wireless and hardwired systems.

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