MagDart: Introducing The World’s Fastest Magnetic Wireless Charger

By Emeric Brard
on 6 August 2021

At a recent innovation event, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Realme showcased its new range of Android-based magnetic wireless charging products – one of which is the world’s fastest magnetic wireless charger yet!

The headline at its recent innovation event was not a smartphone, but an accessory. The MagDart is a 50W magnetic wireless charging solution for Androids. Not only is it Realme’s fastest yet, but it’s the fastest in the world.

MagDart 50W

While it may look quite large, Realme has ensured that it always stays at a good temperature with its active air cooling system. Thanks to its efficient and powerful airflow, the MagDart can maintain a high level of charging for a longer duration.

Realme also released:

15W MagDart Charger, the thinnest magnetic wireless charger

MagDart 15W

Realme Flash, the first Android smartphone that supports magnetic wireless charging

realme Flash

2-in-1 MagDart Power Bank & charging base

MagDart Power Bank Base

MagDart ecosystem accessories including: 

MagDart Wallet
MagDart Wallet
  • MagDart Beauty Light
  • The MagDart wallet
  • Realme GT MagDart Charging Case

For more information on Realme’s latest releases, click here.

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