Mark0: How To Never Forget Important Things Anymore!

Frederique Bros
on August 13, 2015

We all want to never forget important things, don’t we? But we are only humans and humans have limited memory. We keep trying out different ways to keep up with staff or to people that are important to us and we still keep forgetting. And it’s only natural.

Mark0: How To Never Forget Important Things Anymore!

Not anymore! Here MarkO the app who can remember everything you ask him to and remind you whenever you want to be reminded. MarkO’s latest version is made to extend your memory, to give you SUPERPOWER, to memorize things that you can’t or you might forget, giving you more time to focus on what is more urgent at the moment. With this intelligent and input free reminder, you can have your peace of mind since you will never forget anything anymore!

Mark0 – Free – Google Play

MarkO is now smarter than ever! While most reminder apps in the market today require a lot of input from your side, requiring you to do most of the things by yourself and to consistently follow your progress, MarkO takes things a step further and allows you to sit back and relax. And still finish your tasks on time!

Instead of the standard way to create a reminder (by typing in the task), with his new feature called “Import”, MarkO lets you create reminders by copying text from the Internet or from the most popular chat apps into the task creator. This is all you need to do and MarkO will make suggestions on where and when that task can be completed with least effort. 

Last but not least, MarkO allows you to share the reminder with your friends and family that don’t even have MarkO on their phones. You can share it directly with your Facebook friends or any other friend you have on WhatsApp, Slack, BBM, Skype, Hangouts, G+, Messenger, Kakao Talk, SMS and e-mail.

How Does It Work?

Simple as 1, 2, 3. For example: You are reading a cooking web-site and stumble upon a very tasty looking salad recipe. You copy the recipe text with the ingredients and create a reminder. Then, you move on with your fingers and choose a location for buying the ingredients from the suggestions that MarkO gives you (ex. A grocery store or a supermarket). Can’t do everything alone? No problem – share the reminder with your mother, partner or friend and ask them to buy the ingredients when they pass by a grocery store. Cool, isn’t it?

MarkO lets you create unlimited number of reminders and make unlimited sharing of tasks, and it’s all FREE!

MarkO now also has a standalone android wear app which is made to revolutionize the way we make reminders. The application uses voice recognition for creating reminders, but that’s not all. MarkO can recognize the location, time and people involved in the reminder and in seconds you can create a reminder that is set to the right place and time. You can get reminded directly on your wrist without making the effort to get your Smartphone.

Visit their website http://Marko.Rocks/

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