Spying On Your Pets: Welcome To The New Generation Of Digital Pet Care

Spying On Your Pets: Welcome To The New Generation Of Digital Pet Care

If you’ve ever wondered what your pet gets up to when you’re not at home? Felcana takes the ‘big brother’ approach one step further by helping you see how your pet is going if he’s unwell and home alone.

Recently launching on Kickstarter, Felcana, the first ecosystem of smart, pet health monitoring devices.

The ecosystem of smart devices monitors your pet’s health, activities, and behaviour. The subscription free system has been developed by vets and former Dyson and Raspberry Pi engineers.

Felcana is an innovation in the pet healthcare industry.

More than just an activity tracker, Felcana can detect changes in eating and drinking levels, highlight indicators of a pet’s wellbeing, such as increased anxiety levels, as well as detect key symptoms of disease such as lethargy. Felcana reassures owners that their pet is fit, healthy and happy, and empowers vets to make more accurate and earlier diagnoses.

Felcana has three core components:

*Helix, a smart device that attaches to any cat or dog’s collar

*Micro-location Beacons detect where your pet is and where it has been

*Home Hub is Helix’s charging station, range extender, and your pet’s data nest.

The New Generation Of Digital Pet CareVet and Felcana inventor, Dr James Andrews said vets often struggled to get the low down from our canine and feline friends.

“Even the most devoted owner can’t answer every single question we might have. Felcana sheds light on clinical blind spots, providing hard data for vets and peace of mind for owners. We don’t have to ask how much water a dog is drinking, we know. It means quicker, more certain treatment,” Dr Andrews said.

Felcana tracks a dog or cat’s activity, habits and behaviour constantly.

This information is accessed in the free Felcana app, giving owners real-time visibility. Not only can owners can find out what their pet has been up to whilst they were apart, they can see how active they’ve been, how much they ate and drank, where they spent their day, as well as receive alerts indicating unusual behaviour or signs of illness. Owners are better informed and vets can make earlier and more accurate diagnoses, accelerating treatment.

felcana pet care

You can support Felcana on kickstarter by clicking here.

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Libby Jane Charleston

Written by Libby Jane Charleston

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