Wearable Technology Video: Our Editors Favourite Personal Fitness Devices

By Emma Markezic
on 21 March 2019

Need motivation to get fit and stay healthy? We’ve got three sleek devices designed to help you out.

Wearable Technology can provide the ultimate in personal fitness support; from reminding you to exercise, to tracking your progress. Our experts road-test which wearable is right for your workout and, whether your taste is for bright neon colours or sophisticated rose-gold, there’s something here to suit every lifestyle.

Wearable Technology Video: Our Fave Personal Fitness Devices

EMMA: It used to be that the words ‘computer’ and ‘getting fit’ completely cancelled each other out.
Well, not any more. And the game changer is – wearable technology.

IANTHA: These top tech-trends are making exercise fun – helping you keep motivated FOR LONGER. And here are our favourite wearables that are available right now.
The first one is the JAWBONE UP24. The best part is that it comes with a smart alarm programme which wakes you during a light sleep period so that means you energised for longer and more motivated throughout the day.

EMMA: My favourite part about this one is the the Idle Alert. So basically it gives you a little buzz when you’ve been sitting for too long which, while handy, will inevitably scare the wits out of you at the most inopportune moment as well I’m sure.

IANTHA: the next one we have is the JAWBONE UPMOVE. It’s a really small design so you can clip it onto your top or your pants while you work out and you won’t even notice that it’s there.

EMMA: This one also fits into a watch band and my favourite part about this one is the family and friends function, so it basically means you can share your data with those closest to you and get competitive about who has burned the most calories.

IANTHA: The last one is the HUAWEI TALK BAND B2 and it’s definitely the chiquest one out of all of them. It comes in rose gold and is made out of aluminium metal alloy so it’s super durable. And the best bit is you can just clip off the front bit and pop it on your ear like an earpiece.

EMMA: I really like this one – very ‘Inspector Gadget’. This pops out to become a blue-tooth headpiece! The future is now people.

IANTHA: We’ve enjoyed getting to know these four wearables. I hope we’ve helped you make a choice about which one is right for you.

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