Social Media Gets Inclusive: Pinterest Makes It Easier To Spot a Body That Looks Like Yours

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 24 March 2024

Pinterest is typically the preferred source of online inspiration among aspiring party planners and DIY project people. However, Pinterest Body Type Ranges is also bringing inclusivity to the online space. Now, alongside recipes and home renovation tips the the social media platform with 450 million monthly active users worldwide is taking a bold step towards better representation. With the introduction of a groundbreaking new feature aimed at ensuring all users feel empowered.

A body for everybody

Pinterest recently announced the launch of Body Type Ranges, a revolutionary tool that allows users to refine their searches for different body types. Enabling them to see themselves reflected in the content they explore. This latest inclusive tech product is set to roll out internationally. And, offer users a more personalised and inclusive experience on the platform.

Pinterest developed its Body Type Ranges in consultation with external organisations, experts, creators, and users. This collaborative effort ensures that the tool accurately reflects diverse body types and fosters a positive online environment.

Inclusivity through innovative technology

At the core of body type ranges is Pinterest’s patent-pending technology. This advanced AI-powered innovation identifies various body types in over 3.5 billion images on the platform. Promoting authentic representation and inclusivity. Pinterest data reveals a significant increase in engagement among users who utilise body type ranges. With a 66% higher engagement rate per session, this tool demonstrates the importance of representation in fostering a positive user experience.

Continued commitment to a diverse community

Body type ranges are just one of many initiatives aimed at creating a more inclusive online environment. From skin tone ranges to hair pattern search tools, Pinterest continues to innovate to ensure that all users feel welcome and empowered. As the platform prioritises diversity, equity and inclusion, the launch of body type ranges represents a significant milestone. By setting a new standard for inclusivity in the tech industry, Pinterest is paving the way for a more diverse and representative online landscape.

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