My Pleasant Shopping Online Experience with Microsoft Store

By Frederique Bros
on 21 August 2014

As you can imagine, I spend thousands of hours on the Internet and besides working and talking with my readers on social media, my favourite activity is shopping online. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Australian Microsoft Online Store. First of all the site is fresh, well-designed and easy to browse. I was after a ‘super mouse’ that wouldn’t give me wrist cramps or pain in the top of my shoulder.

To find the right product, I went to Microsoft’s online store selection of products and accessories. There are so many products to choose from and it’s the same story with the mice.

Choosing The Right Mouse

Choosing the right mouse is extremely important, almost as important as maintaining good posture in front of your desk. Spending hours without moving your body but executing repetitive movements can create serious muscle problems in your hand, arm and shoulder in the long term. This is why it’s important to pick the perfect mouse.

On the Microsoft online store, I was weighing up between two mice. This is a little inconvenient when you buy online and when you haven’t seen the product in a shop previously. The Microsoft online store shop has 19 different kinds of mice, and I needed a little help in choosing the right one. 

So as quick and easy in a click, I found their free support phone number on the site, and in less than three minutes I was on the phone with one of their support guys.

Arc Touch Mouse

The funny side was that he was based in the US and the guy who helped me to pick the right mouse was American – based in New York. I explained to him I was using a Mac and I was after a really good wireless mouse. Without hesitation, he guided me toward the Arc Touch mouse for its ergonomic shape.  It’s also their top-selling mouse with lots of positive reviews.

So good so far. I already had my eyes on this mouse and he confirmed my choice. 

Once I ordered this, I received the arc mouse in two days (I’m based in Sydney), and it works perfectly and took me less than a few seconds to connect to my computer via Bluetooth. Perfect.

Benefits when buying from the Microsoft Online Store

The main thing when you buy online is that you want a secure payment process but also high-quality customer service and the Microsoft online store offers both.   

What I liked is that it provides end-to-end service.  They are there to help you choose the best product, set up your technology to make sure it is up and running from the beginning and answer all your questions, regardless of whether it’s one month or one year down the road.

I also enjoyed the ease of purchase. Microsoft Online Store allows me to buy and experience a range of products and services through a single customer experience.  That makes it very simple to navigate. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

On my side, I am really pleased with my shopping online experience on the Microsoft Online Store.

Now I have my eyes on their new tablet Surface Pro 3; a mix of a tablet and a desktop where you can install your favourite desktop software, including the full Microsoft Office Suite and thousands of programs created for the Windows platform.

That means you can have a tablet offering the same services as a desktop that’s very light and easy to carry. Perfect to slide into my handbag and go to meetings. I can’t wait!

For your info, you can pre-order the Surface Pro 3 online today and it will be shipped out when the product becomes available in Australia on 28th of August. Not long to wait.

For more information and products, please visit the Microsoft Store today and enjoy a smooth customer service experience.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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