Say Hello To The World’s Sustainable Social Network – WeAre8

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 14 September 2022

WeAre8 is a revolutionary new social media app which launched in Australia last month and is intended to transform the way people use social media and plans to be a safe haven which is ‘free from hate’. Hallelujah, I can already hear you say.

WeAre8 founder Sue Fennessy says it is the world’s first sustainable social network works and explains one of the key benefits is that it pays users to see advertisements and gives the proceeds to good causes, works.

High-profile Australian change leaders such as Best selling author Sarah Wilson, AFL legend Adam Goodes and proud Māori artist Stan Walker are already among those who have supported the new app which offers an alternative to those who have been put off traditional social media largely because of the negative content which comes up on their feed and the harmful effects this can have.

WeAre8 Australia CEO, Lizzie Young said, “Technology and social media have divided us more than ever before. Algorithms control what we see, making our world smaller and more divided. It is not making us happier or more connected.

“WeAre8 is the antithesis of this. We are a platform that makes people feel valued, loved and reconnected with the world. The addition of our local change makers to the platform will help our ambitions to be the platform that unites people in support of the planet. They represent a unique alumni of voices that reflects the Australia of today, one that’s inclusive, authentic and openly wants to use our community to make the world a better place.”

So how does it work?

  • WeAre8 participants may view 8 minutes of handpicked content everyday on the 8Stage. The program promotes positivism, diversity, community, and collective development.
  • 8Citizens can follow creators from around the world or become a verified 8Creator and contribute to a more mindful social media community through short form storytelling
  • See opt-in ads and be rewarded. 8Wallet pays you for every ad you see. Plus, charitable donations are made.
  • After eight minutes, WeAre8 actively tells people to go and enjoy the rest of your day off their screen.

Meet Australian change makers getting involved in this new platform

Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes is a tireless fighter for Indigenous Australian rights, an example of fortitude and hope, and a motivational figure who strives to make his country a better place for everyone.

He co-founded the Indigenous Defence and Infrastructure Consortium (iDiC) in 2016, an organization that helps indigenous Australians get access to higher education, vocational training, and job opportunities in support of major defence and infrastructure projects.

Adrian Eagle

Eagle is an ARIA Award-winning Australian singer-songwriter who inspires people through music, dignity, and awareness.

Adrian Eagle has received massive acclaim for his singles 17 Again and A.O.K (Acts of Kindness), as well as his guest appearance on Hilltop Hoods’ ARIA Award-winning single Clark Griswold, a captivating and heartfelt rendition of Ocean Alley’s Confidence for triple j’s Like A Version, and a massive national and international touring schedule.

Adrian’s inspiring music video for 17 Again highlighted his struggle of conquering suicidal tendencies and mental health concerns after weighing 270kg at 17 years old. The hit pushed the South Australian native into the Australian music consciousness, with backing from Triple J and plaudits from the public and industry.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a minimalist, philanthropist, climate expert, and the author of many books that have become bestsellers on both the New York Times and Amazon.

Sarah Wilson is the founder of the global I Quit Sugar movement and the author of the New York Times bestsellers, “I Quit Sugar,” “First,” “We Make the Beast Beautiful,” and “This One Wild & Precious Life,” which received the US Gold Nautilus Award in 2021. Sarah has written 11 more recipes, which have been translated into 52 languages and have helped propel her to a spot in the top 200 of the world’s most influential writers.

In a “previous life” Sarah was a News Corp journalist and opinion columnist, editor of Cosmopolitan Australia and host of Masterchef Australia before founding the largest wellness website in Australia.

Stan Walker

Stan Walker is a proud Māori (Tuhoe, Ngai Te Rangi and Ngāti Porou), making music for the world.

He is one of Australia and Aotearoa’s most beloved personalities. Pop R&B sensation, actor, and activist draws people together through music.

Stan was raised between New Zealand’s Tamapahore Marae and Australia’s Byron Bay, so he was aware of both his culture’s power and indigenous people’s injustices. Stan always knew he’d be a change agent.

He has released nine albums since signing with Sony Music and Sony Publishing in 2009. In those years, he brought his star power, humour, and humility to the big screen in Mt Zion, Born to Dance, and Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

Tsehay Hawkins

As early as 2020, Tsehay was performing with The Wiggles. When she was invited to join The Wiggles on their Australian tour in 2021, she jumped at the chance to join the group as a dancer. She was thrilled to be chosen to succeed Emma as the new Yellow Wiggle shortly after being given the job of the second Red Wiggle on Fruit Salad TV, which she accepted.

She has now toured Australia, New Zealand, and Canada; had a number one album; collaborated with her comic hero Steve Carell on a Wiggly sketch; delivered a keynote speech on diversification and inclusion at the Chief Executive Women’s Leadership Summit; and graced the cover of Rolling Stone.

The WeAre8 team plans to have 8 million users in the UK alone by 2023. Watch this space!

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