Simone Biles Is The First Olympian With A Personal Emoji!

Emeric Brard
on 3 August 2021

The Olympics never disappoints when it comes to keeping us on the end of our seat. But this time, we’re not talking about what’s happening on the track, but off it. Simone Biles has made history by becoming the first Olympian to be given her own emoji. 

Olympic fever has well and truly hit. So far, we’ve experienced incredible triumphs, exciting upsets, and end-to-end competition – just the way we like it. However, it hasn’t been all easy going. Earlier in the Tokyo Games, US champion gymnast Simone Biles took the difficult decision to withdraw from the event final due to her mental health. Later, in a Twitter post, USA Gymnastics declared its support for Biles, stating: “We’re all behind you, Simone” and the world rallied around her decision. Similarly, Twitter stepped up and gave Biles her own emoji – a goat in a sparking red leotard with a gold medal around its neck. The goat, of course, is a reference to the common Greatest Of All Time acronym, and the emoji will accompany any tweet with #Simone or #SimoneBiles.

And, in more recent news, the six-time Olympic medallist came out fighting and won a bronze medal in the beam final on Tuesday, the final day of artistic gymnastics in Tokyo. So Simone eventually scored a medal at the Tokyo Olympics and made history by becoming the first Olympian ever to have their own emoji!

When the popular gymnast pulled out of the Olympics, she said didn’t want to cost the team a medal.

Without any injury, Biles simply explained that she had been stuck “fighting her own head.” The response she received from a multitude of athletes across all sports has been heartwarming, and she’s said that it’s helped her realise that she is more than just her accomplishments.

“The outpouring love & support I’ve received has made me realise I’m more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which I never truly believed before,” she wrote on Twitter.

As Biles said herself, “there is more to life than just gymnastics.”

To show your support for Simone Biles, head to Twitter and don’t forget to add #Simone or #SimoneBiles.

(Feature image credit: Politico)

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