We Trialled the Home Printer that Will Print 6000 Pages Before You Need To Change Ink!  

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 7 September 2023

Covid introduced a number of digital trends that redefined the way we work from home.
From reducing office commute times to inserting Zoom into our everyday vocabulary, the ability to WFH saw many humble houses transformed into makeshift offices that have remained long after lockdown rules were relaxed. As well as setting up a routine, managing distractions, and maintaining work-life balance, creating a customised work-from-home office is also about the right equipment. And, while ergonomic chairs are an excellent place to start, a good personal printing device, like HP’s newest Smart home printer, is an equally important addition.

Seeking to change that is HP, who recently invited me to learn a little more about their newest printer series, the Smart Tank, at Sydney’s stylish Botanic House. With a guest list that included technology journalists, stay-at-home-mums and small-to-medium business owners, it quickly became clear that this mini-yet-mighty piece of machinery was on hand to solve all kinds of print-at-home problems. Including the dollar-draining need to replace an ink cartridge every few months. Here’s what I thought about a few of its key features…  

HP Smart Home Printer

This smart printer has serious substance

Smart by name and nature, the intuitive HP Smart Tank 5000 series is a standout in HP’s already impressive printer portfolio, offering unrivalled opportunities to meet the everyday needs of home users.

As HP ANZ’s Print Category Manager Ben Fermaner explained on the day, setting up the HP Smart Tank is a breeze, thanks to the HP Smart App, which also allows users to control the printer remotely from their mobile devices.

The HP Smart App is complemented by self-healing Wi-Fi and provides faster and more reliable connections for printing from anywhere in your home. Additionally, the printer automatically detects IDs, simplifying the process of printing copies when needed.

Moreover, the HP Smart Tank series comes with HP Wolf Essential Security, offering an extra layer of protection for sensitive information, providing peace of mind for users concerned about data security.

But it doesn’t forsake style

Given the event’s elegant location, the HP Smart Tank 5000 series printer definitely didn’t look out of place. In fact, it was actually easy to imagine its sleek and modern design fitting seamlessly into any home office setup.

The printer’s compact size allows it to occupy minimal space on your desk, making it suitable for users with limited workspaces. Plus, the combination of matte and glossy finishes gives it an elegant appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

HP Smart Home Printer gets serious about sustainability

Perhaps the most impressive element of the HP Smart Tank 5000 printer series is just how seriously it takes sustainability – making it an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious users.

Some of the Smart Series’ most notable features include:

  • Its recycled parts, with printers in the 5000 series made using up to 45% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, and printers in the 7000 series made with up to 25% PCR content, emphasising HP’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • EPEAT Silver and Energy Star certifications, so users can also be confident that this printer helps reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Long-ink life. For those sick of replacing the ink on your smart home printer every few months, this one will print 6000 pages in black and 6000 pages in colour (8000 pages in colour for the 7000 series) before you need to, with every single brand new ink bottle of Smart Tank ink designed to last up to two years. (And obviously of course the printer itself lasts much longer!)
  • Energy-saving Auto On/Off Technology, which helps save energy by automatically turning the printer off when not in use, without requiring any extra effort from users.
  • A no-waste tank system and recyclable ink bottles, reducing waste generation significantly.
HP Home Smart Printer
So was setting up as simple as HP suggested?

As an old-school freelance journalist with a background in magazines, I’ve never quite gotten out of the habit of reading my work on paper. And, I still love the opportunity to print out the features I am working on so I can pretend it’s still 1999 and physically flip through the pages.

However, as a modern-day WFH-er, who doesn’t actually have the option to “call IT” (because you are IT …. and HR and accounts!), the last time I replaced my printer was also when Miranda Kerr was on the cover of Dolly Magazine. So I was a little anxious about setting things up.

I need not have worried about it, with the HP Smart Tank’s user-friendly interface, featuring smart-guided buttons to ensure effortless navigation through everyday tasks like scanning, copying, and printing the very picture-heavy feature I was hoping to file – quickly and quietly. No noisy soundtrack of mechanical whirs and hums to hear here.

Previously discussed style, substance, and sustainability aside (excellent as all these features may be), I also loved that HP’s Smart Tank Printer was on hand to support my out-of-office goals too. 

While the proof was in the place cards on the day of the event – with  all the menus, seating labels, and signage had been printed on the Smart Series – I got the opportunity to experience it for myself as I helped my sister print out the seating arrangement for her upcoming nuptials. No small feat given our family comes from a Lebanese background, and anything less than 400 guests is considered an intimate affair!

And then, to further flaunt my maid-of-honour credentials, I also offered to print out snaps of dresses for her mood board, family photos that had been sitting on her phone for far too long, and the order of service programs that would probably end up being used as fans for her January wedding.

Ultimately, if you’re a student, small business owner, or simply someone looking for a reliable and eco-conscious printing solution, I strongly suggest you say “I Do” to the HP Smart Tank 5000 series.

The HP Smart Tank series includes four models:

• HP Smart Tank 5105 – available from $369 at Officeworks

• HP Smart Tank 7005 – available from $539 at HP.com.au

• HP Smart Tank 7305 -available from $599 at HP.com.au

• HP Smart Tank 7605 – available from $659 at Harvey Norman

For more information about HP’s tank portfolio, visit HP Smart Tank Printers.

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