Smart Massaging Wand Review: Therabody Wave Duo

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 29 August 2022

The Theragun Wave Duo is a smart vibrating roller for massaging and releasing your tension.

It has an ergonomic contour that is the same as popular physio devices. It’s ideal to place it in the centre of your back so the hollow avoids your spine.

The box contains a Wave Duo, charging cable, drawstring bag for storage, user manual and a sticker.

It is lightweight, powerful and ergonomically designed. There is a range of different vibration zones to help release tension. It provides focused treatment in a portable design.

After charging the Wave Duo with a USB cord, you can try it out. There are five intensity settings for a customized experience. There’s 200-minute battery life.

The Wave Duo is made with hypo-allergenic texturized silicone. It is suitable to use over most parts of your body.

You can use the duo without connecting it via Bluetooth to the dedicated Therabody app. The app provides over 80 routines with a video library. It will demonstrate how to use the devices with step-by-step guides for percussive therapy.

I like to use the Wave Duo while watching television in the evening or on a yoga mat after a gym workout. The vibration noise is noticeable but not annoying. When the battery is flat, I’ll swap to the Wave Solo or the original Theragun Prime.

The Therabody Wave Duo is used regularly as part of my recovery routine. It’s great for use in-between massage treatments.

About Therabody

Therabody was created in 2008 and officially launched in 2016 by chiropractor Dr Jason Wersland after suffering a life-altering injury. Building on over a decade of research and development, the brand’s gold standard Therabody percussive therapy devices use proprietary state-of-the-art technology to effectively reduce muscle tension, accelerate recovery, and improve performance.

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