Tinyme: Storytelling Made More Fun with Augmented Reality

Libby Jane Charleston
on 15 November 2016

While personalised children’s books are gaining in popularity, Australian company Tinyme is taking the concept a step further by incorporating an element of augmented reality into learning and storytelling.

At first glance, The Amazing Alphabet looks like just another personalised book. But when it’s paired with the official app, the book comes to life in front of the child’s eyes as they see the book characters jump off the page.

Storytelling Made More Fun With Augmented Reality 1

“I’ve always encouraged them to have a deep love for reading. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time playing around with a bunch of pretty cool kids apps,” Wilson said.

“As someone who founded a studio which writes, illustrates, develops software and even physically prints personalised books for kids, I’m really excited by what our team at Tinyme has created.”

The Amazing Alphabet is custom printed for each child with the child’s name included throughout. The app plays music and sound effects to complement the story and it can also read the story to the child.

It’s recommended for kids aged under 8 and the app is free and available for iPhone or Android phones.


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