Streaming: Everyone’s Talking About How Good The Mare Of Easttown Is

By Pamela Connellan
on 5 June 2021

Everyone’s talking about how good the Mare of Easttown is and how realistic Kate Winslet is as the seasoned detective in the critically lauded crime thriller. One of the reasons Winslet is so good in the role is because as an executive producer on the series, she made sure she actually looked like her 45-year-old self and she asked that other characters did the same. This gave the Mare of Easttown loads more credibility and so now, it’s being lauded as one of the most popular dramas streaming this year.

In the Mare of Easttown, Winslet plays Mare Sheehan who’s a detective living in a small town in Pennsylvania. She has her own problems with her older daughter and her mother, but she puts so much energy into her work there’s no time left to worry about her own life.In the series, Kate Winslet reunites with Aussie, Guy Pearce, and it’s the finale of the series which has just aired which has set everyone’s tongues wagging.

The series has seven episodes and follows Mare’s life as she investigates a local murder. As she does this, she finds out more about the dark side of this close-knit community. At the same time we find out more about Mare – an interesting woman. As Winslet told Indiewire, Mare doesn’t spend time doing her hair or her makeup – she’s the type of woman who pulls her hair back into a ponytail because it’s practical and easy: “That’s just who she is. That’s like most busy mothers I know — that’s like me. It really is,” said Winslet.

“I worry about that, for younger generations,” Winslet went on. “These unattainable ideals. And I do not want to play roles that feed into anything unattainable anymore. I’m done with that.”

As an executive producer on the series, Winslet has been able to act on her feelings and we’ve heard when promotional artwork came back for this series with her wrinkles erased, she demanded it was redone. Hopefully we all get the message and actors like Winslet won’t need to do this in the future so much – but Winslet is leading the way right now.

Mare of Easttown is streaming now on Binge and Foxtel…

In Disney’s Cruella, Emma Stone serves up a tantalising story of this infamous villain

We’ve seen some great bad girls on our screens lately – from Harley Quinn to Killing Eve’s Villanelle. So now that Cruella is finally streaming on our home screens on Disney+ we get to see Emma Stone’s version of a bad girl – and it’s no disappointment.

Emma Stone plays the infamous Cruella. But first we get to find out just who was Cruella before she became involved in the whole attempted Dalmatian-skinning, coat-fancying caper?

The answer is enjoyably complicated. She’s a grieving daughter, a thief, designer, friend and woman craving recognition, affection, and an outlet for her considerable creative talents – and that’s just in the first 20-odd minutes.

We get to take a deeply satisfying stroll through 70s London. Stone plays Cruella as a haughty, imperious and yet all the while hurting underneath. She is by turns destructive, angry, drunk, heartbroken, ruthlessly single-minded and yet ultimately we come away liking her just fine. This is because it seems it’s just fine to be, as Cruella herself puts it at one point: “born bad and a little bit mad.”

In the end, Cruella gives us a far more interesting moral universe than the standard blockbuster. What makes her so interesting is that the film doesn’t sermonise, moralise or reduce her to an easily digestible, known quantity. Hearteningly, director Craig Gillespie doesn’t try to make her too easily palatable, at least as far as a Disney offering goes.

At every turn Cruella does what she wants and is solely guided by her own internal compass, uncowed by social or gender mores.It’s also refreshingly fun just to get to enjoy such a glorious, visually lush celebration of defiance. Or as Cruella herself says at one point: “I want to make trouble.” So this is one to sit back and enjoy.

Cruella is streaming now on Disney+…

Brand-new Gossip Girl streams on Binge soon

This extension of the pop culture classic takes us back to the Upper East Side finding a new generation of New York private school teens being introduced to social surveillance nine years after the original blogger’s website went dark.  The series is based on the bestselling novels by Cecily von Ziegesar and the original show, developed by Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage, which ran from 2007 to 2012.

By watching this Gossip Girl, we can see just how much social media — and the landscape of New York itself — has changed in the intervening years. Kristen Bell returns as the voice of anonymous blogger, Gossip Girl, narrating the lives of a new group of teenagers chasing influence and status through a loyal social following.

The new Gossip Girl will stream on Binge on July 8th but in the meantime, you can catch up on the original series with every season now streaming on Binge.

Gossip Girl will stream on Binge on July 8th…

Scott Pape’s Money Movement will be steaming on June 23rd on Foxtel

Scott Pape’s Money Movement, a 3-part special following Scott Pape aka the Barefoot Investor, will stream at 8.30pm on LifeStyle on Foxtel or stream on demand. The special follows Pape as he talks about his mission to help Aussie school kids learn practical money skills.

Well-known and respected by Australian audiences, Pape’s refreshingly real approach to money aims for financial control and security whatever your stage in life. A former investment advisor, his first book, The Barefoot Investor – The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need has recently made history as Australia’s highest-selling book ever. His follow up title, The Barefoot Investor for Families, broke the record for first-week sales of non-fiction in Australia.

Scott Pape’s Money Movement follows behind the scenes as Pape trials his ‘Barefoot Money Movement’ – a brand new money education program for students – in pilot schools across the country. From Sandy Strait State School in Queensland’s Hervey Bay and Airds High School in Sydney’s south-west, to St Columba’s College in Melbourne’s Essendon and Bassendean Primary School in Perth’s north-west, Pape criss-crosses Australia to talk about his program that’s so simple – as he says – even he could teach it.

Across the series, Pape looks at the National Debt Hotline where Australians are increasingly going to manage their financial difficulties. He tackles the big banks’ existing school money programs and he calls on politicians for his ultimate goal of getting his Money Movement program endorsed by the federal government and into our schools.

Scott Pape’s Money Movement will stream on Foxtel at 8.30pm on June 23rd ….

The One Ocean Film Tour 2021

The One Ocean Film Tour, presented by Blancpain, is screening in June. This Film Tour is a series of ocean-loving films focused on adventure, the aquatic environment and inspirational stories. You can immerse yourself in the mighty power of the ocean – just take a look at the film program here.

Films from the One Ocean Film Tour are now streaming online via ADVENTURE+ and 40 cinemas throughout Australia…


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