Taylor Swift Eras Mania Has Swept Australia. And the eBay Stats Prove It!

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 20 February 2024

The Taylor Swift Eras tour has kicked off Down Under. And, Swiftie mania has well and truly followed. It’s on display in the songstress’s sold-out concerts, the impassioned T Swizzle fan chats, and, according to eBay even the soaring sales of Tay Tay-approved fashion items and merchandise.

Bracelet boom: It’s a love story, baby just say yes

Alongside the shimmery, the sparkling and the sequined, leading the charge are Taylor Swift friendship bracelets – which are up by a whopping 15,200%. 

As well as the beaded accessories immortalised by the hit track “You’re On Your Own, Kid” (“Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it”), sales of Taylor Swift shirts are up 190%, Taylor Swift posters are up 105%, and Taylor Swift vinyl records are up 61% on the site.

Swiftie style

According to an eBay Australia spokesperson, “With Taylor Swift-mania sweeping Australia, fans are also embracing some of the most iconic accessory trends sported by the singer. On eBay, sales of heart-shaped sunglasses and cowboy hats are up 55% and 45%, respectively. As fans begin planning their Eras outfit, shopping for Taylor-inspired fashion on online marketplaces like eBay can increase your chances of finding unique pre-loved gems to pair with your outfit.”

The global eBay research also found Gen Z and Millennials leading the charge when it comes to shopping pre-loved. And, embracing both the opportunity to express their inner Taylor and be savvy with their spending.

Embracing every era

Finally, the eBay data also revealed that super fans are supporting every iconic era across the singer’s career. With album-themed memorabilia in hot demand, across all here eras. For example: 

  • Sales of Midnights-related items have increased by 180%
  • Sales of 1989-related items have increased by 120%
  • Sales of Speak Now-related items have increased by 110%
  • Sales of Red-related items have increased by 95%
  • Sales of Lover-related items have increased by 85%
  • Sales of Fearless-related items have increased by 65%

To help Swifties get concert-ready, fans can shop pre-loved and brand-new Eras-inspired outfits on the dedicated landing page provided by eBay.

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