Tech Start-up mPort Expands Into US Market

Libby Jane Charleston
on November 14, 2016

Australian technology start up mPort is moving into the lucrative US fitness market, starting with the world’s largest chain, LA Fitness.

What makes mPort so unique is its 3D body measurement innovation, mPod, which is a fully-automated technology that provides a complete 3D image of a user’s body. Plus, it features all the necessary data for a comprehensive health overview – including BMI, body composition and body fat composition.

Launching in Australia in 2013, mPort has already attracted more than 100,000 users, recently securing Westfield as a major partner and raising $12 million investment from private backers.

mPort’s expansion into the US represents its first international market, and the technology company has received interest from every major market around the world.

A three-month pilot with LA Fitness led to mPort signing an agreement with the fitness chain that will see mPods in LA Fitness centres nationally in the US, starting with California.

mPort CEO Dipra Ray told Women Love Tech the concept is based on the fact that while we like to think we are all the same..the truth is that we are not.

mport device

“A human body comes in every shape and size, and one size does not fit all when it comes to health and fitness. In a world fixated on weight and waist size, mPort is championing a new era in body health assessment with a mission to help users understand their own body shape and live a confident, healthier life,” Ray said.

“mPod technology provides feedback on progress in increments that most people haven’t seen before, and delivers it with the speed that consumers have come to expect in everything these days.  It’s an invaluable tool in refining workouts to maximise benefits and provide that sometimes elusive ‘motivation’ through almost real-time feedback on progress.”

mPods use safe, non-invasive infrared technology to capture 200,000 data points to map an individual’s unique body shape. The user’s body is not exposed to any radiation, which makes the mPods safe to use for all ages, including pregnant women and people living with pacemakers.

There are currently 20 mPods in major shopping centres across Australia and its local growth is set to continue with several more mPod locations rolling out nationally in the coming months.


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