Tech Talk: Apple’s New iPhone, Spotify to Test Audiobook Bundle and Roblox

By Lucy Broadbent
on 12 September 2023

Apple is having a hard time just as it’s about to launch its new iPhone.  The tech giant has been under attack from two sides of the planet this week. Firstly, from Europe where the EU has ruled that phone manufacturers must adopt a common charging connection by the end of 2024.  This is good news for consumers because it will save them money by being able to use a single charger for iPads, Macs and iPhones, and good news for the planet too, because it will also cut 11,000 tonnes of waste per year. 

Apple iPhone 15
Apple iPhone 15

But Apple is not happy about it, arguing that it will stifle innovation. Nor are they happy about a ban on iPhones for all Chinese government workers, which is widely seen as political retaliation against the US.  As a result, Apple’s share price fell for two days in a row this week. Ouch!

Apple Wanderlust.
Get ready for Apple Wanderlust.


   Audiobooks have proved so popular in the last few years that Spotify plans to test a free audiobook bundle for its paying subscribers in English-speaking countries around the world.  It’s currently only a pilot scheme to gauge how popular it might be for their customers. But if successful, it will likely stay in a bid to challenge the reigning champion of audiobooks, Audible. Subscribers will be allowed to listen to up to 20 hours of audiobooks a month at no extra cost.

Spotify audiobooks
Spotify announces audiobooks

The streaming service is currently working with some of the world’s largest publishers to ensure that the scope of titles will be broad.

Mikaela Lancaster, Spotify
Mikaela Lancaster, Spotify MD for Australia and NZ

Roblox might not be a name you’ve heard if you’re over a certain age.  But you’ll know it soon.  It is one of the most popular gaming services for children, with 66 million daily users. Now Roblox is about to launch its immersive digital world’s platform on Sony’s Playstation, giving it access to the millions of people who use the world’s most popular gaming consoles. 

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming services for children.

Roblox will also make its app fully available on Meta’s Quest mixed reality devices this month.

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