The Haurun Club: Exclusive Private Members Website and App

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on 25 September 2023

You can apply to join a membership with the Haurun Club’s Online platform and App.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a private members club?

When you become a member, you can interact in a private and verified community of individuals and brands. You’ll receive invitations to exclusive events and parties.

You can interact with other community members. You can receive the latest must-haves from luxury brands and invitations to exclusive events and parties.

You can use the app to join different groups. For example, there are:

  • Art and Wine Club.
  • The Health and Relationship Club
  • The Yachts Cars and Jets Club

Privacy and Security

You can be assured of privacy and security while using the app. It is based on a social media platform that delivers a secure and private online space.

How to Join

Members receive registration and a brief interview before being considered for Membership. This is decided by The Haurun Club’s Membership Committee.

With various Membership options available, the top-tier Membership of all Reciprocal Clubs ‘Board Membership’ is valued at £1 million per annum.

Brand Ambassador Benefits

You can join the Brand Ambassador program:

  • Receive Complimentary Membership to Haurun Media
  • Receive Remuneration on Invitations and Brand Promotion
  • Receive Opportunities to work with all of The Haurun Club’s Private Member’s Clubs
  • Co/Host private events with brands and our members (optional)
  • Receive Invitations to Boutique Events from our Affiliate Members and additional events and parties

Benefits of The Haurun Club

The club membership promises the following benefits:

  • Ability to interact in a private, trusted and verified community of individuals
  • Communicate with luxury brands
  • Receive invitations to exclusively private events and parties.
  • No Artificial Intelligence
  • No sharing of data
  • Relative penalty for disclosing anything from inside of this new Online Private Members Club.

There are nine Reciprocal Clubs: each with differing interests, individuals, and brands.

Each Club is individually operated by an independent limited company based in London England and has a genre-specific identity, allowing individuals to achieve Membership after having first – been verified and approved during our Membership Process. All Clubs are then independently accessed via the Haurun App.

Based at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.

About The Haurun Club

The Haurun Club (Haurun) is an Exclusive, Online Private Members Club, that introduces luxury brands, quality goods and services to our members, who interact online, in person and at private events and parties. Members are an eclectic mix of UHNWIs, Celebrities, Brand Ambassadors, Influencers, Journalists, Bloggers, Family Office, Executives, Entrepreneurs and the Social Elite. All of them have a mutual interest in having a first look at the latest must-haves from luxury brands’ goods and services and interests in different brands. With nine Reciprocal Clubs, each having a clear association and relevance of interest and each with exclusive limitation to 1998 Members.

Find out more information at The Haurun Club website.


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