The Tech That Helped Me Build A $100K Net Worth At 22

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on 13 April 2023

Ruba Khan shares the tech that helped her build an impressive net worth at only 22 years old.

Fine, I’ll admit it – I am a major finance nerd.

It’s not cool or sexy to be passionate about personal finance so this particular interest of mine gets hidden away.

Today, let me reveal it all to you. Let me tell you the benefits of being that person. The one that tracks every cent and plans literally everything on a spreadsheet.

By the age of 22, I banked over $100,000.

This was on an average income with no handouts whatsoever. 

Growing up in a migrant family, I had to learn everything money-related on my own – from getting my first job, setting up a bank account, investing, doing tax – I had to figure all of these “adult” things out on my own.

Of course, I did have some non-human friends supporting me along the way. I’m Ruba Khan, and here is the tech that helped me build a $100,000 net worth at 22.

If you’d like to know how I actually built this net worth and the strategies I used, you can read the full article on my blog by clicking here

Track Shares With Sharesight

I believe that being on top of your money game isn’t about having a lot of cash.

Rather, it is about being disciplined and consistent. If you earn $150,000 a year but spend $155,000, you will struggle to save, invest and reach your financial goals.

Therefore, I believe tracking where you’re at is so important.

Sharesight is a free and powerful tool that I use to track my portfolio. It allows me to understand what shares I own, how much money I have made from them and really helps out during tax time.

net worth

The process of using Sharesight is really simple.

You can directly add all of your share statements into the platform. It then automatically enters all your trades in and your information is ready to view! 

Sharesight allows me to view a lot of information about my investments that I am unable to get elsewhere, such as my stock broker. If you’re looking for a great tech tool to help manage your investment portfolio, try Sharesight!

Best of all, it is free.

Invest Your Pocket Change With Raiz

Investing was and still is one of my key strategies to build my wealth.

However, let’s be honest. Investing can be scary.

Parting with your precious, hard-earned money only for it to potentially go down in value? No thanks! I know it certainly took me a lot of research to take the plunge into investing.

Did you know you can start investing with only $5?

That’s right! Thanks to Australia’s number #1 investing app, you don’t need to cough up thousands of dollars to start investing.

Raiz allows you to invest your literal pocket change.

net worth

Starting with investing smaller amounts helps you get your feet wet. It helps you understand investing, how it works and its magic without making a large financial commitment.

I’ve spoken to many young women who are rightfully, so scared of investing. However, when I introduce them to Raiz some of them have started investing that day.

It shows them that investing doesn’t have to be this intimidating thing that old blokes do, but that it is for everyone. If you’re new to investing, definitely look into Raiz.

Click here to view even more apps to help your finances.

That’s all from me today! My next milestone is to become a millionaire in my 30s. 7-figure net worth, I am coming for you!

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