The Technology Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Need Now

Sadie Archibald
on 21 January 2020

Whether you’re improving your fitness goals, going to the beach, relaxing at a picnic wth friends or making fruity juices at home, we have compiled a list of technology gadgets to suit everyone.

Bang & Olufsen P6 Speaker

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The sun is shining and the sound of music at a beach picnic is exactly what hits the mark. Here’s where the Bang & Olufsen’s latest Beoplay P6 comes handy for a day in the sun.

Small and powerful, this Bluetooth audio device is made in silver or a rich chestnut colour and has a small leather strap making it easy to carry around. Ideal to take to the beach or on picnics.

Known for its sleek designs, Bang and Olufsen’s portable speaker is splash and dust resistant, which is essential for summer when you are outdoors. Also the battery life lasts up to 16 hours, so there’s no need to worry about recharging when you’re having a day out and about.

Withings Steel HR Smartwatch 

Planning on getting fit this summer? Withings’s Smart Watch is the perfect piece of technology to help you with all your fitness goals.

You can set your daily step goal and assign activity-related weekly goals to keep yourself on track. It also has a work out report feature, so after a sport session you can get a full report on your activity including: Heart Rate zones, duration, calories burned, fitness level via VO2Max and GPS path.

Since Summer is such a social time, you can also link up with friends and family to experience the definition of healthy competition. You’ll enjoy seeing the rankings and get rewarded for your progress. The watch is also waterproof up to 50m, so no need to worry when you take this gadget to the beach.

Smeg’s Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Is My Love

Summer is the perfect time to make fruity juices and now you can do it in style! Finally fashion and technology have combined. We’re sick of the bland colours, so why not add a splash of colour in your kitchen with this fiery fiesta-styled appliance.

From the golden yellow of the lemons, the fiery red of the cherries or the intense cerulean of the Sicilian sky, the new collection will evoke the senses and inspire you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Bang and Olufsen H9 Headphones

Listening to music on-the-go is frequent in the summertime, and the Beoplay H9 headphones are perfect for those moments when you’re jumping from A to B.

Coming in a range of colours, these headphones last up to 25 hours of play time so no need to worry about charging when you’re out and about. They deliver rich and powerful listening experiences. You don’t even need to take your phone out as you can tap and swipe to answer calls, skip tracks and adjust the volume all on the headphones which has intuitive touch gestures. The essential for those who want high-quality sound and a sleek style.

Go Pro Hero 8 Plus Colourful Sleeve and Lanyards


GoPro has become synonymous with the activity of action videography in the way that Google has become synonymous with the word search engine. Every year Go Pro comes out with their new HERO range, and every year it is their “best camera yet”. But is the GoPro HERO 9 just another incremental change or is it a true game-changer?

This year’s release comes with a whole host of new features, along with improvements on existing specifications, while staying true to the favourite features they’ve established over the years.

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