Top Five Reasons Australians Go Online

Frederique Bros
on 8 June 2014

We’ve often assumed people are hooked on social media. New research shows people spend as much time online paying bills or researching a product as they do using sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In fact, Australians are not as addicted to social media as it may seem. Almost two-thirds head online to try and solve life issues.

Top Five Reasons Australians Go Online

  1. Sending emails
  2. Researching products
  3. Paying bills
  4. Using social media
  5. Researching holidays

The research, conducted on behalf of Belong to coincide with the launch of its new broadband service on the NBN, reveals Australians are using the internet for more practical activities.

Two-thirds of the survey respondents are heading online to find answers to daily tasks and key life issues. With over one in ten conducting almost all of their information searches and purchases online.

90% Would Be Lost Without The Internet

  • Around 90% of respondents would likely be lost without the Internet; the majority rely on it for directions
  • 60% look for places to take a date
  • A third check for health symptoms online
  • 80% head there first for cooking advice

With the reliance on the internet, more than one in three are thinking about switching providers over the next two years to get the best deal for their needs. But apathy is stopping many Aussies from getting the best plan. Aussies claiming ‘they can’t be bothered’ as the top reason they don’t switch, followed by being stuck in a contract and confusing price plans. Belong aims to simplify the whole process, cutting through the confusion to offer straightforward packages that are easy to purchase and install.

Commenting, Nicholas Demos, General Manager of Belong, says: ‘Australians are looking for simplicity and ease in the way they conduct their day-to-day lives, seeking fast and straightforward solutions. Whereas years ago people may have had to visit the local high street to buy a gift or dig out a recipe book to cater a dinner party, our research shows Australians are solving daily tasks instantly by logging on.’

‘Nearly one out of two Australians questioned would be put off entering a broadband plan because it has a long contract – a proportion we expect to rise as consumers increasingly seek flexibility.

Note: Research conducted by PureProfile for Belong on a sample of over 1000 Australians nationally in May 2014

Image Credit: DepositPhotos

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